Your those characters belong to those companies. Your honor

honor this case is simple. The defendant has stolen the plaintiff’s idea, which
is also stealing their revenue, which is an out come of business loss. It’s not
right that the plaintiff came up with this idea and produced it and then
another company comes along and copies that idea line-for-line and
stitch-for-stitch and sells it for a lower cost. Articles
like this hurt the bottom line since there’s market substitution, people either
trade down or fail to buy the original. Now Gucci is
really having a moment with these stripes and are driving a lot of sales from

When customers recognize a certain
striped pattern, whether it can be Gucci’s green, red, green pattern, or
Adidas’ signature three-striped mark, then we give those companies identification
that those characters belong to those companies. Your honor I rest my case.

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