Words are not simply sounds passing through our mouths,

Words are not simply sounds passing through our mouths, they are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We choose to use words constructively with words of consolation or destructively using words of anguish, each choice leaves a huge impact on someone. Words have power with the abilities to comfort, to mend, to damage and to degrade. In the novel The Book Thief the main character liesel, uses her love for words as a comfort mechanism for others during one of the most frightening moments of their lives. Although anxious herself, Liesel uses the only activity that brings her joy to calm her peers.  “Out of respect, the adults kept everyone quiet, and liesel finished chapter one of The Whistler.” (56. 30) Reading is sometimes viewed  as a source of prestige and is often seen as putting on a performance. Everyone in the bomb shelter focused their attention on Liesel instead of concentrating on events occurring in the outside world. Due to LIesel’s spontaneous act of kindness, she helped many to calm their nerves by using the vigorous power of words. In addition, words have the ability to change the way we feel. In life, a tremendous aspect of reaching our goals and getting what we desire has to do with the communication with others. Using words to describe what our eyes see will dramatically increase effectivity in our communication with others. Due to the unfortunate occurrence of the holocaust, Max Vandenburg, is forced to live in the basement of the hubermann household where not even a beam off light shines in. Luckily for him, Liesel explains the weather to him as if her eyes could speak, giving him a small dose of comfort. “The sky is blue today , Max, and there is a big long cloud, and it’s stretched out, like a rope. At the end of it, the sun is like a yellow hole.” (249) It would be a thoroughly passive-aggressive world if words did not exist. Therefore, Liesel having the ability to communicate gave Max something to look forward too, and  is truly the only reason for his survival. The purpose of describing words is to change vague, indefinite visions into lively, viable images, which Liesel helped Max to see. ———————————————————————-Promises, kept or not, build or break trust in human relationships. When a promise is kept a bond with the other person will develop and if broken, it communicates to that person that we do not value him or her, and will furthermore take away any form of trust established in the relationship. Hans Hubermann made a promise in the early ages of his life, and now 20 years later the opportunity to either follow through with that promise or not arises and being the loyal man he is, sticks to the promise he had made in his previous years. “He saved my life, if there is anything you ever need, he slid a piece of paper with his name and address on it across the table.” (179) There is a great deal of significance in this quote as is represents when Hans Hubermann makes a declaration assuring that he will provide a favour in the years to come. As a man of his word, Hanns keeps his promise and is the very reason Max Vandenburg is alive in this present day. To proceed, When we do not keep a promise to someone, it communicates to that person that we do not value him or her. It displays that we have chosen to put something else ahead of our commitment. In the time frame of this novel, jews were strictly prohibited, which is why hans hubermann makes Liesel promise not to tell a soul about Max Vandenburg. “If you tell anyone about that man…i will take each and every one of your books and i will burn them, understand ‘yes, papa.” (203) Liesel faces a tense moment with her foster father as he pressures her to make a promise. Although she is threatened, Liesel understands how severe the situation is, and keeps her promise, by doing so, she  gains trust from both her foster parents and Max vandenburg and establishes a bond with all three. Promises are extensive as they control the decisions of who we do or do not trust in our lives, and helps us to distinguish the people whom we feel complacent and protected with.


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