With amount of records. we’re living inside the world

the passage of time superior and advanced technologies, which include sensors,
cyber structures, smart phone devices, cloud applications, information
analytics, etc. are making difficulties to handling large data and get it on
demand. The supply of big
records and their use for many confidentiality-sensitive and privacy
obligations make. However, records protection and privacy is increasingly more
critical requirement1. The two subjects, i.e. “privacy and protection
of large record” and “analytics over large records”, are tightly correlated, over
Cloud nodes storing big records repositories are applying in terms of information
intensive procedures. As regards the right methodological components,
supporting the privacy and protection of big statistics may be ensured via
unique strategies2. This tendency toward increasing the volume and
records of the information that is captured through agencies will no longer
exchange in the future, because the upward push of social networks, multimedia,
and the Internet of things (IoT) is generating an amazing amount of records.
we’re living inside the world of massive information. moreover, information’s
are unstructured and traditional systems are not able to analyze it. Day by day
new out comes are making it more difficult and creating new challenges to deal
with3.Currently many business group are working on huge
data protection problems and actively take movements on massive records
security problems. In 2011, CSA formed a running group on huge facts to find
answers for records safety and privacy issues4. This paper is to fetch the current problems and future
problems facing by people in handling large data and solution to handling large
data. This work will be done with the help of previous researches, brainstorming
and thorough reading. Hope so that this paper will clear the issues with large
data and help others to resolve there problems.