While reminds them of your bearing a child of


While there are so many things men love about women, there are some weird and quirky things that might seek the attention of them. Yes, there are things that may be appalling to you, but your partner might seem to be very fond of. So, before throwing them out or working on it, do scroll down the list of strange things men like about women.

Reading glasses

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Women think that wearing glasses might spoil their looks, but in fact, men find them cuter in glasses. According to a research, men find women who wear glasses, smart and shy. So it isn’t necessary that you always opt to wear contact lenses when you go out with your man!

Stretch marks

Although most women don’t like to have stretch marks on their body, men find it attractive, as it reminds them of your bearing a child of theirs. It makes them feel secure and protective of you. So, stop wasting your time and money on buying stretch mark removal creams.

No makeup

According to studies, men find women more attractive when they get up in the morning, as they look all natural with their unkempt hair. They like the fact that you are comfortable in your skin and around them. Though they may like your elaborate makeup, but still nothing can beat that natural looks of yours.

Watching you apply makeup

You must have noticed that men get pissed off when women spend more time on their makeup. But do you know men love to watch their partner when they apply makeup or get dressed after taking a shower.

Sense of humor

Just like women, men are too attracted to the women with good sense of humor.  According to men, sarcastic women are more intelligent and hard to find. They tend to have a strong personality.

Wearing his shirt

Men may not admit it, but they like it, when their partner dress themselves in their favorite shirt. It may be for teasing him or alluring him. But the fact is women in a shirt are irresistible and tempting.

Your high heels

While your father may stop you from wearing them as you may fall, but the fact is guys love it. It makes your legs look longer and attractive. Moreover, it gives an edge to your attire.