When nursing. I have collected many experiences that make

When I was old enough to truly
want to answer the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” another
question intercepted: how do I know what I want to do, before I do it? It is my
hope that securing an
internship in the field of psychology
gives me the opportunity to put a career into practice before solidifying my
pursuit. If granted this opportunity, I not only aim to consolidate my future career choice, but reinforce my
marketability in the professional world, as well as prove a more desirable candidate for graduate school.

a novice psychologist, I am constantly working toward becoming a well-rounded
study. An internship will
support me in that endeavor by furthering my training in a clinical setting. My objective
is to build off of my existing academic foundation by incorporating clinical
research and training into a set of applied skills that are interwoven rather
than distinct. With the intention of
becoming a more marketable candidate, my focus is on gaining applied skills in
clinical assessment and treatment to empower me as a practicing mental health professional.

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Moreover, I hope to collaborate with and be guided by a mental health professional
in a clinical setting, while gaining experience communicating results and
discussing newly acquired skills in the classroom. Altogether, I strive for
these experiences to reinforce my present goal of pursuing a graduate degree,
and eventual career in clinical psychology or psychiatric nursing.

have collected many experiences that make me a viable candidate for
this internship, as well as a conscientious representative of the Loyola
community. Most notably, I have worked
in registration for Presence St. Joseph Medical Center and Amita Health Medical
Group; I have shadowed at North Shore University Health System; and I volunteer
at Mazon United Methodist Church, and within the Morris community. My
experiences working and shadowing have allowed me to observe the dynamics of health systems among patient units and
clinical staff. Working as a volunteer shaped my interpersonal skills,
permitted me to take leadership roles, and gave me the opportunity to interact
with those in need on a personal level. As a student, taking a wide range of psychology courses has led me in the direction of becoming a
well-rounded study. Although my footing is in psychobiology, many areas of
psychology have readied me with pertinent information: knowledge of
ethical and philosophical issues in healthcare systems, familiarity with
applying the scientific method to workplace issues, the ability to comprehend and
critically analyze psychology literature, training in naturalistic observation
and reports, and applying psychological methods and theories in a laboratory.

            In reality, the playful question of “What
do you want to do when you grow up?” can be a treacherous question that draws a succession of questions from it.

I am finding that these questions are seemingly unanswerable until I have some
experience working in a potentially desired field. For
this reason, I hope that my academic foundation and life
experiences prove me a worthwhile candidate for this opportunity, so that I can
better myself as an individual, student, and employee, with a more tangible
answer to this—not so—playful question.


Note: I would like to mention that in my
pursuit to succeed in school and establish
a career path, I encountered both family and personal issues that
caused a break in my momentum—a
break evident on my transcripts. However, I hope that my capability as a student is palpable, as is the precise time when my
struggles began. I am eager for this opportunity to prove to myself
that I will not let an interruption ruin the momentum for the rest of my life.