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When we have some weight gain and when the time came to think about weight loss program or methods, we became very much stressed by thinking about some rigorous exercise and diet plan.So don’t get stressed out if you are looking for losing some weight because here I have explained 10 effective ways by which you can definitely burn your unwanted fat and be healthy without straining too much doing this and that.Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be a complete guide to weight loss. Each entry may not be appropriate for each person. At Greatist, we believe in giving readers the information they need to make their own healthy choices based on a variety of weight loss techniques. As always, consult a doctor before starting a weight loss program.1. WaterWater is very helpful in protecting us from obesity.Every day try to drink 13 liters of water.Water should be taken half an hour before meals. in this way water suppresses the appetite that makes us feel full. In this way, it helps us to eat less food. Thus when we have less intake, it assists in obesity to come under control and reduces the weight.2.Black CoffeeDo you know that Black Coffee which is favorite drinks of many is also a catalyst for weight loss.Drinking Black Coffee is by far the best option for weight loss.1cup of Black coffee delivers a minimal amount of calories. 1cup of Black coffee which out sugar in the empty stomach before exercise is good for boosting the energy level. 3. Avoid Afternoon SleepDo not sleep in the afternoon immediately after taking lunch as well as there should be a gap of minimum 1-2 hours between meals and nap so as to avoid weight gain.If you want to take rest in the afternoon hours then just 20 minutes nap is fine enough.4.Say Big No to Fast FoodRegular intake of fast food leads to obesity.The main reason why fast food causes weight gain or obesity is that it contains 150% more of high density energy than any other normal meals.Fast foods are rich in sugar, flour, oil, and salt or sodium why are play contributes to weight gain.So avoid fast food for reducing weight.5.LemonLemon is a significant source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants that help in the process of fat burningDrink 1 lemon juice with 1 cup of warm water on empty stomach in the morning is ideal for detoxification & weight or fat loss.6.Green TeaGreen tea is rich in antioxidants called catechin polyphenols and various essential substances which boost your metabolism and in turn helps in reducing weight & burning fat,The best time to drink Green Tea for weight loss is before exercise.It can also be taken 2hours before or after meals and 2 hours before going to sleep.7.HoneyHoney is very healthy & could offer you wonderful result if you are trying to lose weight.One teaspoon of raw honey can be taken every day for reducing weight.Honey can also be mixed with warm water for managing the weight and make you fit into your favorite dress.8.Ajwain(Carom Seeds)Ajwain water act as an antioxidant and herbal medicine that helps in treating a number of diseases.Ajwain weight is a very effective weight loss toolSoak 25-gram Ajwain into one glass of water for whole night. Next day in the morning strain it and into this mixture add one teaspoon of honey and drink it.9.Green vegetables to lose weightGreen vegetables are rich in fiber which makes you feel full and reduces your hunger, which in turn helps in consuming less food.Green vegetables have fewer calories than other food which helps in weight loss.10.Walking – Morning or EveningWalking is a most simple and one of the proved method of weight loss.In today’s lifestyle where everything is computerized be it home or office physical exercise is very limited, in this scenario 30minutes of active and energetic daily walking will bring wonders to your life.