What the 3D graphically enhanced virtual surrounding that can

What is Virtual Reality?


VR is a computing technology that submerses the user in an alternate
reality. A fabricated or computer generated world just like in the movies or
video games. It also feigns real world experiences like riding in a roller
coaster in Dubai, surfing in the Bahamas, Playing poker with friends, watching
a concert etc. A completely submerses Virtual Reality experience can offer an
artificial or mock stimuli to the various bodily senses of the person using it.
The very commonly used sensory outputs in VR are haptic, vestibular, aural and

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In short, VR is a medium
that puts you inside of the media. When VR is done well, your brain is going to
treat that as if it were a real experience. It feels like you’re actually doing
something. Hence; Virtual Reality is nothing but a method to place the user
inside the media. If the VR technology is implemented well and our mind is
going to interpret the experience like it really happened. Like you actually
were a part of that particular activity.

Important VR Elements

Listing below the important elements of VR

The four aspects that distinctly help set apart a Virtual Reality
experience from other media are Sensory Feedback (the response generated to an
input by the user), Virtual World, Interactivity and Immersion.

Virtual world

In the case of virtual reality, its virtual world is the 3D graphically
enhanced virtual surrounding that can intermingle with other elements and
create more elements based in the previous interaction.

·       Immersion

When we talk about Virtual Reality, the word subversive or immersive
refers to the bodily and psychological consciousness or sense of being present
in particular surroundings. A more socially aware explanation of being immersed
directs to a more psychological and emotional state of being a part of
something. But in the case of Virtual Reality, bodily immersion is also an
aspect since the partakers also use their physical abilities to interact with
the virtual environment.