What occupation are to work in a team with

What interests me most about the
occupation of a computer scientist is how important, and challenging the job
is. I have said that I look forward towards challenges. A computer scientist is
extremely challenged. They are expected to think critically and quickly to
determine how a complex algorithm can be shortened and simplified to be much
smaller. This increases efficiency. I find this extremely interesting, the way
their thought process works and how much of a challenge they always have. I
also find the job interesting because it is very important. A computer scientist
creates, simplifies, and design algorithms. His is needed for every piece of technology
to work. Before a piece of technology is produced they nee to know if it can be
programmed to the company’s vision. To not just meet the standard but to exceed
standards, to the way we think technology works. To enhance speed, efficiency, tolerance
for error, and security. They innovate, create, and program thing like
Artificial Intelligence. The overall responsibilities of the occupation are to
work in a team with other computer programmers, information technology
professionals, and engineers. The research they attain is used to design new
technology and create new programs. They also look at and research artificial
intelligence, robotics or virtual reality. Moreover, they create and edit
algorithms for computers to make them faster, better, and safer for security.
The typical skills needed for this job are analytical skills to analyze information
and the research done, communication skills to communicate ideas to group
members, critical-thinking skills to solve and compact algorithms, detail
oriented to pay close attention to detail because the slightest mistake can
result in a failure, ingenuity to come up with innovative ways to solve
problems, logical thinking because computer algorithms are logical, and math skills
because advanced math is needed in programming. The educational requirements of
the job are to study in university, a bachelors degree in computer science, business
administration, commerce or engineering, and multiple years of practice in
system analysis, data administration, software engineering, network design or
computer programming, including supervising experience.