We you should know what your priority is. If


We set
goals for various reasons, it can be for your personal achievement or it can be
something external reason. We try hard to achieve it. A person develops a sense of personal growth and begins to
understand the true value of life. Achieving goals can increase our
emotional well-being and give us a sense of independence and competence.Young and passionate person has lots
of goals to achieve, he/she cannot even decide from where to start.  You start getting confused between your goals,
and it is harmful, because it is a distraction. It is very important that you should
know what your priority is.

If you have
started doing one thing, then just complete it, it happens then the results are
not as quick as you thought but you will definitely achieve it. it happens with
lots of people that after investing lots of time the results time is delayed
and they start thinking that they are doing something wrong. And we start
setting new goals which moves your attention from your main goal.

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How to
commit to one goal and avoid distractions?


Identify which goal is
most important to you. The best way to analyse it is by making a list of your
goals. Place the most important task on the top and the least important at the

Do it or leave it

If you made many attempts
to achieve a goal or to do certain thing and you are failing every time then may
be its time to leave that goal and move towards another. Don’t waste your whole
time in just one thing; there are many other things that make give you

Just get started

Don’t just think that from
where to start and what to start just start doing. The perfect time will never come;
you have to create your own perfect time.  Sometimes we think that the accomplishment of
goal will take your lots of time and we start procrastinate it. Just start
doing, you won’t even realise and you will achieve what you have dreamed of.

Make plan and stick to it

Daily, make plans for the
day and plans to achieve your goals. Plan helps you to regulate your quality
and quantity of work you are doing. And it also gives you the approximate time
to achieve your goal.

Don’t forget your motives

Don’t distract yourself by
small things that are not at all related to your work. Because if you are
distracted and it will be difficult for you to get back on the main task again.
First finish what is really important and then think about other work. always remember the motives that push you to
achieve the goal.