We maybe they are not intelligent but they are

We are
rarely surprised if we see a successful people with high level of intelligence because
the knowledge is perceived as a personal quality that can help him in all his endeavors. Of course, a high level of knowledge
helps to achieve success, but even the “smartest” people can be
losers in life, not having other abilities. We have seen that backbenchers are
more creative and more successful rather than first benchers. Because maybe they are not intelligent but they are
creative and smart. Your college grades do
not matter, it does not help you to be successful in your life.

The more intelligent
and smart you are, the more you analyze
the situations and consequences. The dumb person won’t analyze everything like an
intelligent one. If he thinks that it can work then he will start doing. On the
other hand, intelligent person will be
afraid of taking risks and trying something new.

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We think
that we are not good at maths or science, so we don’t try it or study it. But time
and efforts can help you to achieve anything you want but it depends on you
that how much you really want to learn about it. For example, you want to do
work in the field of coding so, you have
to learn and practice. From starting if you will think that you can’t do then,
of course, you won’t even try.

You have to
keep an open attitude and proper environment that can encourage finding good opportunities,
it does not require your intelligence.  You have to keep a positive attitude towards everything. Your attitude decides where
you want to be.

Smartness is
useless if you are not confident about yourself. It doesn’t mean you should
overconfidence about everything, but you should believe that you can do it.

Right skills
and plans are equally important. Skills have nothing to do with your smartness.
Just try to work everything easily. Don’t start learning something by watching
other people successful. Find your own way to do the work.

If you have
good ideas and you believe that it can help you to become successful, then don’t
afraid to move forward. Don’t worry if it is not from your field, you can hire
someone you know basic knowledge about
your work. Take help from the people, talk to new people. There is a problem
with smart people, that never try new person
because they have a fear that what if he
is not good, but the dumb person or less smart
person will choose new people, to get new

Of course
intelligence, knowledge and smartness is necessary but they are not that important
to stop you from succeeding in life.



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