Visual that sign must be compatible to fit with

problem solving is finding the right language to communicate with an audience,
in terms of semiotics this would be something that applies to all the different
groups that would need to be catered for so would need to have a unity in
meaning throughout the entire audience to be successful. A sign must therefore not
only have a cultured understanding but a basic human instinct to really get
across its message. Following natural cultured instincts such as red for danger
means that there is no communication barrier for the sign and the viewer which
is vital for the sign to be effective. As a language is a system of signs it
means that sign must be compatible to fit with the viewer’s language which
again will derive from the cultured instincts. Saussure wrote about the “role
of signs as part of social life” which shows how pivotal sign communication is
to the viewer and reinforces the point of how critical it is for the sign to
fit with the viewer’s language. In addition to this, Saussure is communicating
his consideration of how the cultured understand from the viewers social life
impacts their understanding of signs, for example how an inside joke is only
understood by people in the group it was created in, the same works for signs,
a person could associate a certain sign with a meaning purely based on their
social influences and those very influences are able to change the meaning of a
sign. Reverting back to the question, a sign is again successful if it can fit
in with the instinctual understands of signs that the viewer has in order for
the signs perceived meaning not to be susceptible to change.  

Overall it
is clear that for a sign to be successful it absolutely must fit in with the
cultured understanding of the viewer and reflect a meaning that can be
understood across different cultures and groups so that the interpretation of
the sign is a shared meaning. If the shared meaning is achieved then the sign
can solve the problem that it was intended for a means of communication or a
visual solution. While the theory of semiotics has only been around in its
modern form for around one hundred years, its thought process can be seen
throughout time in the form of cave paintings and other visual ideas intended to
tell stories or simply have a single meaning. This is why we are able to
understand those signs despite the cultural and age differences, purely down to
the cultured understandings that have been passed down from generation to

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