Unfortunately, is a play written in 1954 by Reginald

Unfortunately, it is no secret that,
still to this day, stereotyping takes great part of our daily lives and in
decision making. Twelve Angry Men is a play written in 1954 by Reginald Rose
that covers the theme of prejudice and the use of stereotyping and subjectivity
in society and, specially, in the legal system.

In Twelve Angry Men, stereotypes prompt a
one-sided method for deciphering the proof. It is quite noticeable that many of
the jurors were generalizing about kids who belonged to minorities. This idea
is shown early on when Juror 3 states “That man’s a dangerous killer. You could
see it.” when the juror is judging by how a person looks and how he personally
feels about him. Not exclusively did these generalizations impact the members
of the jury’s propensity to make inward attributions for the kid’s conduct,
however these generalizations likewise prompted biased interpretations of the evidence.
Even though the jurymen’s change through the story is distinctive for each of
them, the more they were blinded by individual experience and driven by biases
and projections, the more this change is intertwined with torment and anguish. (Torre,
2014) It is shown, as well, when another juror expresses his frustration as a
father when he projects his discomfort in his experience as a father onto the
defendant stating how it feels when you do everything for your kids and they
repay you in such way. (Torre, 2014) When you use your own subjective approach
to others, you are making value judgements based off your own feelings about
that person and this creates preconceived stereotypes. Stereotyping can make
people treat others in a particular way based on assumptions about that person.

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Twelve Angry Men paints a picture of a little
part of American culture in the mid-1950s. Around the world, economies had
recuperated from the Great Depression of the late 1930s and America had risen triumphantly
and solid from World War II. The difficulties confronting American culture were
never again to do with essential survival, yet about arranging America’s place
in a worldwide political condition. America was occupied with a progressing
struggle with the Soviet Union which proceeded for a long time. This was a
battle for political and financial strength between two effective countries, also,
was not generally military, but rather regularly social, political and
financial. In the meantime, the country was going into an interior battle, the
Civil Rights Movement, which was worried about ending racial discrimination and
encouraging freedom, equality and respect. Realism was the current American style
during this period of time which attempted to capture and represent life in the
form of art and this film accurately depicted everyday situations of the time.

Reginald Rose uses Twelve Angry Men to send
the message that notwithstanding America’s inclining toward consumerism and
Communist distrustfulness, society will eventually deliver reasonableness and