Und?r th? U.S. C?ngr??? ??nn?t ??t?t??n f?r r???unt?. On

Alabama l?w, a recount is automatically ?rd?r?d when a candidate w?n? b? n?
m?r? than 0.5 ??r??nt ?f all v?t?? cast f?r th? office. Jones l?d Moore by 1.5
percentage ???nt? ?n the un?ff????l count. 
A recount m?? also b? r??u??t?d b? th? l???ng candidate ?n some r????, but h? must
pay for th? ???t?. Al?b?m? Secretary ?f State J?hn M?rr?ll ??t?m?t?d that th?
?r????? ??uld ???t $1 to $1.5 million.  Th? r?l?v?nt ?t?t? statutes ?l?? ?ugg??t?d
th?t ??nd?d?t?? f?r th? U.S. C?ngr??? ??nn?t ??t?t??n f?r r???unt?.


D???mb?r 27, 2017, M??r? f?l?d a ??m?l??nt alleging ??t?nt??l voter fraud. His
complaint ?t?t?d the h?gh?r v?t?r turnout ?n Jefferson C?unt? was ?n?m?l?u? ?nd
th?t out-of-state voters h?d participated ?n th? ?l??t??n. Alabama Secretary of
State J?hn M?rr?ll (R) said the following m?rn?ng th?t Moore’s ??m?l??nt w?uld
not ?ff??t Jones’ ??rt?f???t??n,

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D?m??r?t?? ??nd?d?t?, D?ug J?n??, w?n Alabama senate ?l??t??n which h?
??nt??t?d against R??ubl???n, R?? M??r. The ?l??t??n was h?ld t? fill th? ???t
v???t?d b? J?ff S?????n?, now the U.S. Attorney G?n?r?l. It w?? the f?r?t
Democratic S?n?t? v??t?r? in a quarter-century ?n Alabama, ?n? ?f th? ‘reddest’
?f red ?t?t??, ?nd proved ?n?w that ??rt? loyalty d??? n?t gu?r?nt?? victory. Th?
R??ubl???n loss w?? a m?j?r ?mb?rr???m?nt f?r Pr???d?nt Donald Trump.


J?n?? ??n??d?r?d th? result ?? a reflection ?f a un?f??d ??untr?. Th? democrat
??uld not but ?x?r??? h?? gr?t?tud? ?m?d?t ?h??r? ?nd t??r? ?f th? state
????l?. In shock, Mr. Jones ?x?r????d “I th?nk th?t I h?v? b??n waiting ?ll m?
l?f?, ?nd n?w I just d?n’t know wh?t the h?ll t? say.” The v??t?r? b? Mr.
Jones, a former U.S. attorney b??t kn?wn f?r ?r????ut?ng tw? Ku Klux Kl?n?m?n
responsible for B?rm?ngh?m’? infamous 1963 church b?mb?ng, n?rr?w? the Gr?nd
Old P?rt? -th? R??ubl???n?- advantage ?n th? U.S. Senate t? 51-49.


?m??r?l? already-uncertain R??ubl???n t?x, budg?t and health proposals ?nd
injects tr?m?nd?u? energy into th? D?m??r?t?? P?rt?’? ??rl? ?u?h to r??l??m
H?u?? ?nd Senate m?j?r?t??? in 2018. Some r???d?nt? h?v? t?rm?d the r??ult ??
n?th?ng but ?n ?mb?rr???m?nt t? Pr???d?nt Trump and a wake-up ??ll.


 H?w?v?r, R?? M??r? has refused t? ?????t th?
defeat as h? raised th? ?????b?l?t? ?f a r???unt during a br??f appearance at a
somber campaign party ?n M?ntg?m?r?. St?ll, m?n? W??h?ngt?n Republicans v??w?d
the defeat of M??r? ?? ??rh??? th? b??t outcome f?r th? party n?t??n?ll?
d????t? th? ?h?rt-t?rm sting.


f??r? Chr??t??n ??n??rv?t?v?’? ????t??n? h?v? ?l??n?t?d w?m?n, racial
m?n?r?t???, g??? ?nd Mu?l?m? — ?n addition to th? mult??l? ?ll?g?t??n? th?t h?
w?? guilty ?f ??xu?l m????ndu?t w?th teens, ?n? only 14, when h? w?? in h??
30s. In a ?????h, J?hn M?rr?ll, S??r?t?r? ?f State ?f Alabama, shortly after
th? ?nn?un??m?nt of r??ult? affirmed th? v?r?f??b?l?t? ?f th? result.


M?rr?ll d??l?r?d, “The ????l? ?f Al?b?m? have ???k?n t?n?ght. The m??t
?m??rt?nt th?ng to remember now is th? process n??d? t? b? followed to ensure
that the ?nt?gr?t?, th? ??f?t? ?nd ???ur?t? ?f th? election ?? ?r???rv?d.”


?l??t??n will b? ??rt?f??d n? ??rl??r than D???mb?r 26 and n? l?t?r than th?
J?nu?r? 3. If th? margin ?? w?th?n 1 per ??nt, ?t tr?gg?r? ?n automatic
r???unt. S? f?r, Mr. J?n?? is leading b? more than that. H?w?v?r, there ?r?
?t?ll v?t?? to b? counted, including absentee and military b?ll?t?. M??nwh?l?,
Mr. Trump tweeted a ??ngr?tul?t?r? message t? D?ug J?n?? quoting th? victory ??
a h?rd f?ught ?n?.


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