Today, the media is considered one of the largest

Today, the media is considered one of the largest platforms for influencing the public’s opinion on any matter. When talking about the media, it ranges from channels on televisions, stations on radios, articles in the daily newspaper, and most importantly, social media. The media has drastically grown and changed over the past 40 years. From radios and newspaper to phones and laptops, the media has become a key essential in many modern lifestyles. Many say it has planted its own roots and embedded itself into today’s culture. One known event that takes place every 4 years that social media has begun to control is the presidential election. Many good and, of course, bad things have come out of the media and the presidential elections being involved with one another.In every presidential election, the media plays an important role in determining who the people decide to cast their vote for. In any election, voters usually look a polls taken about the election to see which candidate the citizens of the country prefers most. Therefore, that voter will most likely vote for whoever has the most votes at the time. This can be very effective, but very inaccurate all at the same time. These polls taken on the media can lead people to become blindsided about a certain candidate or a certain political group. This could lead to many national problems. For instance, in the 2016 presidential election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, social media created many false news stories about both candidates. Reporters and broadcasters stretched information and there were many unreliable sources in the media that also fed into these stories. Much of this was called “fake news”. This created extreme tension between the people of the United States and their future President. This resulted in many heated debates between both candidates. This gives insight on how little social media has begun to manipulate national events and even international events. The first president to ever use any form of media happened on December 6st, 1923. The honor went to President Calvin Coolidge. He broadcasted his First Presidential Address live on the radio. The radio station that broadcasted his speech was called “KSD”, located in St. Louis. In his speech, he addressed a wide variety of things including agriculture, foreign affairs, and government finances. He ended his speech by mentioning the Monroe Doctrine and encouraging Americans to help provide stability to the post-World War I country. This broadcast was deemed a great success in the books. Mr. Coolidge used the media to his advantage and made a break in history. This was the start to a revolutionary change in America. Ever since that important day in history, media began to grow and to this day, has not stopped growing. Yes, the first President to ever announce a speech on the radio was a big deal. But what about the first President to ever announce a speech live on a television? In 1947, televisions were still being introduced to the people. The number of TV sets in American homes were just cutting close to a thousand. Radio and newspaper were the norm. But, a day in this time marked another big revolutionary change. President Harry Truman received the honor to become broadcasted on televisions for the very first time. Mr. Truman gave the first presidential address to ever be made on television. He asked Americans to slow down on the use of grain for the sake of the starving Europeans. Even though the audience was limited, this signaled another start of a advanced, powerful impact on American presidency and the life of citizens of the United States.These breakthroughs eventually lead to the biggest success of them all. President’s using social media as a platform. Social media has become a way for political parties and candidates to voice their opinions and communicate their messages to the people. Candidates are able to use this advancement to participate in debates against other candidates and share different ideas with their supporters. It was proven that 34% of a group of Americans had participated in some kind of political discussion or activity since the use of social media was presented. Social media not only helps candidates talk about their personal plans, but it can also influence the views of the voters. Social media serves as both the President’s voice and the public’s voice. Through social media, the public is able to let their thoughts and feelings be known. They can interact with other voters and even the President and the government. This provides a way for them to be involved with the campaigns and the elections. Political concerns can be discussed and political beliefs can be shared. Citizens play a crucial role in the presidential election and in order for them to make educated decisions, they need to be politically informed. The media and its advancements have given America this opportunity. There are many good things about the media becoming this advanced. But, with good things come bad things. Social media gives out a lot of “fake” news. In today’s society, this has become a major issue. False stories have corrupted the minds of Americans and has created them to believe certain things that some people would say are “politically incorrect”. False accusations could ruin a candidate’s reputation. Social media also exposes illegal practices to the public. Sometimes the press and the media takes the eyes of the people off certain issues and feeds unnecessary stories to them to keep minds off other issues that matter the most. The media also dictates who the people vote for. Ordinary people can put stretched stories about their ideal candidate which could influence other citizens to place their vote for that same candidate. This creates many intense online arguments and presidential debates. The lucky President to be marked as the first “social media” president is Barack Obama.The White House became a member of social media websites the year Obama came into presidency. These social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, iTunes, and even MySpace. The first lady posted her first Instagram photo in 2013. Mr. Obama tweeted for the first time in 2015 from the POTUS Twitter account. This account now has over 10 million followers. This year, 2017, was also the year the White House posted their very first snapchat story. The whole point in getting the White House involved in social media is allowing them to communicate with their supporters, gain support for upcoming policies, and by covering issues they think are important. Having a technological savvy President could come in great handy when finding ways to address issues across the nation. In January 2016, 44% of U.S. adults learned more about the presidential election through the use of social media rather than local and national printed newspaper. 24% stated they relied on social media posts from Trump and Clinton for information about the election. People use social media in many different ways. For example, in the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had two separate styles when it came to tweeting or posting anything for the public to see. Clinton posted more frequently than Trump, but Trump’s posts got more attention than Clinton’s. The public’s response was far from equal. It was proven that Trump’s post was retweeted almost 6,000 times on average compared with just barely over 1,500 for Clinton. Although, both candidates use social media to attack one another. Trump would attack Clinton on gun control, then Clinton would fire back by attacking Trump about a video shared to the public. This was only the bare minimum of what each candidate used the social media platform to accomplish.       Many people began to call the 2016 presidential election the “circus” because of the way both candidates handled problems (by posting every personal issue they had against each other). The social media influence was definitely stronger than it had ever been before in that election. With every post that each candidate made, came stories being told without proper research of what that post meant. This mislead many people into thinking many wrong things. Many news media’s focused on scandal based stories which resulted in the popular term “fake news”, which Trump used in many of his tweets. Many say social media ruined the 20016 presidential election. Others disagree. People say social media was the reason Donald Trump won. Others have opinions that differ. Whether any of that was true or not, social media definitely took its toll on both sides of the political table.The traditional news media efforts to constantly produce coverage of political events in recent years have left it exposed to the growing trends of social media. These sites continue to create fast-paced ways to stay up to date on every move the President or any government official makes. The 2016 election was a turning point in the coverage of elections and the rights of social media as a whole. Officials say some social media privileges were crossed and with that comes consequences. Net neutrality ruling has become an open option to Federal agencies. This is most likely to be blamed on a large amount of false information spread across the internet. Net security was also a factor in this. President Trump stated he was willing to place greater net security laws in order to keep and maintain defense goals. If this occurs, there could possibly be a response from the same social media sites that wanted to push Trump’s campaign agenda. Either way, changes for social media are on the way because of the 2016 election and they may not all be what internet users are wishing for. Since the 2016 election campaign, social media has not slowed down for the political sides. The President, senators, and governors now have accounts on social media websites. The media has come a very long way. From radios, black and white televisions, and online websites, the media still has lots of growing to do (believe it or not). But, with certainty, candidates will continue to use social media websites to gain support and raise funds for their campaign. It will continue to be something people use to express themselves and their opinions about the people who are running to be the leader of this country. Social media is definitely a game changer, but its influence will continue to improve each and every candidates chance of winning the election.