Today, experiences that have shaped me throughout my academics.

an MBA is the most coveted Master’s Degree for people across various streams
and backgrounds. It may be perceived as a stepping stone to a promotion or at
least as a gateway to unlocking such career benefits. This is not true for
everyone, of course, for me the desire to pursue this particular degree stems
from experiences that have shaped me throughout my academics. 


have always had a keen interest in management, business, commerce and finance.

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To (hone this interest) pursue the same, I took up Bachelors in Accountancy and
Finance from Jai Hind College, Mumbai which allowed me to learn about the
fundamentals of accounting, finance, tax, economics, and commerce.

was also mindful that a person needs to have a holistic development and
approach to self-growth and keeping that in mind, I took an active part in
organizing and hosting various academic and cultural events in my college.

Organising these events gave me a chance to interact with students all over
Mumbai, and develop my overall team building, leadership, and interpersonal

experience at college and much introspection on my part made me realize that
what defined me was the drive to take on new challenges and to be a part of a
system where I can be a catalyst in improving products, people, and processes.

I believe that an MBA degree will help me achieve this dream take me down a
path toward leadership and management.


brings me to my long-term goal which is not just to achieve a senior managerial
position in a large multinational corporation or someday own my own company but
to be one of those who can bring about change. 

order to achieve this objective, I want to pursue my MBA from a reputed
college/university which will not only help me learn about all aspects of
Business Management but also help me to see through a project from start to

acquiring a place in a prestigious institute such as IIM Indore, I will be able
to gain incomparable knowledge and worldview from my peers and faculty members
and form a strong network with influential and inspiring individuals who will
be able to guide me through this journey.

to improve my leadership skills and my overall business skill set, I strongly
believe that the PGP programme offered by your institute will help me not
develop to my full potential and achieve my goals, but also contribute to the
society in a positive manner.