Throughout what we see fashion as today. One very

Throughout our decade we have had many well renowned fashion designers. Many of these artists have revolutionized what we see fashion as today. One very well known fashion designer who had a tough beginning before his career is Marc Jacobs. Being born in New York City on April 9, 1963 and dealing with the tough decisions of his mother, made his life while growing up difficult. When he was 7, his father died and his mother remarried several times and had them move many times. His passion and motivation towards fashion design didn’t begin to grow until he made the decision to move in with his grandmother while he was still a teen. His Grandmother was one of his biggest influencers throughout his life and she came to be loved very much. Jacobs studied at the High School of Art and Design when he was 15 years old and had a job during the afternoons at a clothing boutique named, “Boutique Charivari,” where he was a stock boy and folded clothes and dressed the mannequins they had. His passion in fashion design grew more when in between shifts his bosses would allow him to design sweaters and other clothing for the boutique. Working at the boutique and having outstanding grades in high school, allowed him to get a spot into the Parsons School for Design. By the time Jacobs graduated in 1984 he had won the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award and Design Student of the Year Award, which later on helped him with his very first clothing collection. By the time Jacobs was age 21, he had designed his very own clothing collection for the Label Sketchbook for Reuben Thomas and was later recognized as the youngest designer in 1987. He won the council of Fashion Designers of America Perry Ellis Award for new fashion Talent and then later on in 1992, he won another award, the “CFDA prize for womenswear Designer of the Year,” which he managed to win again in 1997. During the same year that he won the second award in 1997 Jacobs took over women’s wear designer for Perry Ellis and continued to pursue his dreams and soon began his own company along with his business partner Robert Duffy in 1993. In the beginning, Jacobs company wasn’t major, until later it started to become very known and was liked by many. After having his company grow, Jacobs was given the title of director for the “Louis Vuitton house of luxury good,” that was located in Paris in 1997. His job as director for Louis Vuitton brought many challenges for Jacobs. He had a rough start when he began working, as the job hardly gave him time for himself. He began to depend on drugs such as heroin, cocaine and alcohol to be able to feel stable and happy and as you can call it, “a normal human being.” Jacobs had many friends and influencers in his life and when he began the usage of drugs and alcohol, he had two friends who helped him understand he was not okay and that he should seek help, in which he did in 1999 when he went into rehab. Once Jacobs was back on track and was better, he continued his career and soon launched Louis Vuitton’s “first ready-to-wear” line. With this launch Jacobs had a major chance to expand and better his label in which he did by making three clothing lines for different types of people, starting with a clothing line for children and the other two for adults. His three clothing lines are sold all around the world in many boutiques and stores. In the year 2002, Jacobs was named “Menswear Designer of the Year and Accessories Designer of the Year,” and continued to win these awards in the years 2003, and 2005. When Jacobs was a teenager, he knew he was different than most boys his age. He dated many men throughout his career, but never seemed to settle in majorly with someone until he met Lorenzo Martone, who is a “PR Executive.” Both men, fell in love with each other and made the decision to marry in January of 2010. His wedding took place at one of his friend’s house in St. Barts located in the French West Indies. Jacobs work has amazed tons of people throughout the years he’s been a fashion designer and he continues to amaze us all with his work. He has an imaginative mind and we hope he continues with his work and inspiring many students and people out there that are also wanting to become fashion designers.