This the year 2015. The following information consist of

This graph shows Samsung Electronics co. ltd.’s share prices during 2015. As one can well note we have the first quarter of the year with a high share price where it increasesfrom January until April, after that there is a well- noticed decrease of share quote, Samsung’s share fell by at least 3 percent in the second half of this year, then we can see an increase on the last 3 months of the year 2015. The following information consist of events and results that might have shed speculation in the company’s share prices: • Samsung expects its annual profit to fall for the first time in three years, after that Xiaomi became the biggest smartphone maker in China. • Samsung’s shares peaked in early 2013 and fell as much as 25% through 2014 as it lost market share in key countries such as China. • Samsung has faced a double challenge from US arch-rival Apple and rising Chinese firms like Xiaomi  • Samsung’s share price, which has fallen 7.2 per cent this year, closed up 0.8 per cent following the earnings estimate. • A sharp drop in demand for the Galaxy smartphones of Samsung Electronics has led to a drop in its stock prices for five months in a row. Forcing its stocks lose about 52 trillion won (US$44 billion) in the stock market. • Samsung wasn’t longer the market leader in china,this had affect the market price of the shares. In the second half of that year, Samsung accounted for 9.0 percent of the Chinese market and was relegated to fourth place by Chinese companies such as Xiaomi (15.8 percent) and Huawei (15.4 percent). This was making things very difficult for Samsung as it was in middle of two type of company the high-priced apple smartphone and low-priced smartphones such at Xiaomi, Lenovo & Huawei.  • Samsung galaxy s6 didn’t sell as much as thought  • Semiconductors and displays are becoming Samsung’s fortunes as it refreshes its Galaxy smartphone line-up. Share price history: 2016 This graph shows Samsung Electronics co. ltd.’s share prices during 2016. Here as we can see the first quarter of the year where the price is still constant as it did on the ending of the year 2015, between the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year the share price of the company starts to arise, and closing the year with a change of approximately 40%.   The following information consist of events and results that might have shed speculation in the company’s share prices: • The Samsung Electronics share price hit, 1.33 million won (US$1,156) in six months. • On June 1, the stock price of Samsung Electronics increased 3.17 percent, or 41,000 won (US$34.38), to 1,333,000 won (US$1,118) from the previous day. It is the highest closing price in six months after recording 1,335,000 won (US$1,120) on November 26 last year • Samsung Electronics Puts $450 Million Into Chinese Electric Car Company BYD • Samsung’s shares opened 1.2 percent higher following the guidance and were last up 0.7 percent, outperforming a 0.4 percent gain for the broader market • Samsung Electronics shares slide as Note 7 recall takes toll • Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s (005930.KS) shares fell to their lowest level in nearly two months. • Samsung Electronics’ common shares were down 6.3 percent to 1,476,000 won each after touching their lowest level since July 12, and were on track for their biggest daily percentage drop in more than four years. • The Galaxy Note 7 battery problem will cost Samsung at least $2.3 billion in lost profits. • The loss created by the Note 7 didn’t affect the investors to invest into this company as they make part of many other divisions.           Share price history: 2017As we can see in this graph Samsung electronics’ shares value is still increasing. As they see a lower amount of sales of smartphones the profit is still high as they don’t depend mostly on the smartphones as they have Digital cameras, refrigerators, washing machines etc… We can notice that in the first part of the year the share quote remains on the same level but as from the second quarter we can notice a well increase that will continue until November where then it will see a decline. The following information consist of events and results that might have shed speculation in the company’s share prices: • Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was arrested the same day over his alleged role in a corruption scandal. • Samsung shares rise after Galaxy S8 reveal • Samsung Electronics closed at 2.19 million won (US$1,933) per share on the stock market on April 27, • The company has decided to provide 7,000 won (US$6) per share of common shares and preferred shares. They posted nearly 10 trillion won (US$8.83 billion) in operating profit.  • Samsung Electronics expects continued chip boom after record second quarter profit • Samsung Electronics shares drop after Morgan Stanley cuts view, sees chip boom peaking • Samsung to Lose Smartphone Market Share to Chinese Rivals in 2018 (Apple)  • Samsung vice chairman facing 12 years in prison for bribing South Korea’s former president