This institution, and many different publics intersect.” Marbella it

This project seeks to evaluate the feasibility of opening an Art exposition gallery in Marbella. The art exhibition has had a long history, evolving with the ever-changing demands of society while at the same time challenging those very demands. Exhibitions act as something that incites art and ideas to the public; they represent a way of displaying and contextualizing art that makes it relevant and accessible to contemporary audiences. The art exhibition, by its nature, holds a mirror up to society, reflecting its interests and concerns while at the same time challenging its ideologies and preconceptions. Keeping art relevant to society and to a diverse audience at any given point in history is one of the main goals of the art exhibition and one of the reasons it is so important to society. 

Even though the technological advances, internet, and the social media have been increasing creating online competition making some physical businesses(tangible) disappear, such as bookstores and Record Stores, the Art galleries still offer something that the internet cant: real life art. Art has to be experienced in real life and in real time – and galleries are still the best places to see it. 

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“Exhibitions are strategically located at the nexus where artists, their work, the art institution, and many different publics intersect.” Marbella it is a city with the potential to open an Art exhibition gallery. The majority of tourist that go to the south of Spain, usually make a stop in Marbella. The tourists that come to the city have many a different number of nationalities. As well, there is a big number of art galleries, museums, in the area.

The goal of the Exhibitions is bringing in audience and revenue. But, their relative independence also allows that they serve as platforms for experimentation and challenging convention in search of a new ideology that best suits the needs of a contemporary society.