This because companies really do want to make safer

This article was about the fast food restaurant Dunkin Donuts getting rid of all artificial dye out of their products. They plan to take the dye out of all the desserts across america by the end of 2018 along with others nationwide. Lots of companies are jumping on the bandwagon for example in the text it states “In 2015 Nestle decided it would take out artificial coloring from 250 chocolate products, including Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candy bars.In the same year, the maker of Lucky Charms and many other products, General Mills, followed suit.” This may be because companies really do want to make safer food for their customers. Or because a research done by General Mills in 2015 showed that 49% of households were trying to remove all artificial ingredients from the food they purchase. But either way lots of companies are starting to take the ignitive to remove artificial ingredients. Which works very well in the consumers favor because these dyes can cause problems in your system, in the text it explains “In humans, studies have linked food dyes to hyperactivity and other behavioral problems in children.” Therefor if artificial things are removed from a person’s diet there is 0%chance of any of the side effects happening.I choose this article because I personally love Dunkin Donuts and to see that they are trying to remove artificial dye is really cool. This news relates to science because a lot of tests and studies were ran in order for companies to start removing the ingredients. This news shows that its not bad to want to know what’s in the food you eat. I certainly do and reading this article made me aware about all the things in the food we buy that we don’t even know about. This news needs to be studied constantly because all humans need to eat and in order to do that we need to know that it is safe to eat. These articles can be shared through social media, t.v. or text because nowadays everything is done with technology.