Think to think about what they might have gone

Think about the last time that you opened a present that had been given to you by someone you love. Did you take a moment to think about what they might have gone through just to give you that one perfect gift? In the short story “The Gift of the Magi”, by O. Henry, the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dillingham Young sacrificed their most prized possessions for one another. They did this in order to buy each other nice Christmas presents. Della’s most prized possession was her beautiful hair that she cut off and sold for the money. Jim¹s was his gold watch which he also sold so that he could buy Della a gift. Della and Jim both sold their favorite things to buy each other something special. Della bought Jim a platinum chain for his watch. Jim bought Della tortoise shell clips for her hair. Since both had given up their most prized possessions for each other, the gifts were worthless, but very special in their eyes. In this short story the author presents a wonderful example of a true love story. It paints a picture of how true love should be and the sacrifices required to have a relationship like these two people had.             The author O. Henry tells the story of this couple from a narrator’s point of view. The narrator of the short story is the spectator of the events that are occurring between the couple. The author of this story chose to not uncover in words the sentiments between the couple. The words be that as it may, are spoken in the couple’s activities. The love between them is appeared by them giving up something they love to be able to purchase something extraordinary for their partner. To understand the genuine love between the couple, the reader must see deeper than what is just on the surface. Along with the narrator in the story clarifying the love between them it is also shown through the characters. The characters in this particular short story are very realistic and many people can relate to them in some way or another. When In “The Gift of the Magi,” Della is Jim’s loving housewife who lives in abject poverty in New York City. And Jim is a thin man of twenty-two who bears the burden of supporting himself and his wife on a meager income. He is known for his punctuality, likely the result of his glancing constantly at his watch. For example, almost anyone can relate to them in the way that around Christmas time people like to buy nice things for their loved ones. Both characters in this short story were very loving and caring people. Having the story set in a big city impacted the theme of the story. Life is more  stressful in the city, especially for those who are less fortunate. The difference of the  setting being in the city rather than a small town, is that the cities often have many people  who cannot afford expensive presents. The city has people just like Della and Jim who  can only afford to have presents from the heart.  Everyone is moved by Della’s love. When she went home with her present, “…her intoxication gave way a little to prudence and reason. She got out her curling irons and lighted the gas and went to work repairing the ravages made by generosity added to love.” She even guessed her husband’s happy behave, and pray god for her Jim. Such life some portrayal brings us a beautiful, kind, considerate wife.  To describe Jim, O. Henry uses a very special way. When Jim reached home, found her wife’s long hair had been cut off, he went awhile at once. But after his wife told him the reason, he wasn’t anger, nor surprise, nor disapproval, nor horror. Instead, he said with humor, ” Don’t make any mistake about me, Della. I don’t think there is anything in the way of haircut or shave or a shampoo that could make me like my girl any less. ” what a kind and merciful heart! He is tender and considerate towards his wife. O. Henry’s description figure a pair affectionate, loyal couple. This story is an anthem of couple like them, a comedy about poor couples who respect and love each other. Love between Jim and Della, can make these couple whose soul were distorted by money to feel shame.  In “The Gift of the Magi,” the theme of love pervades the story as Della and Jim sacrifice their most valued possessions to demonstrate their love to one another. The couple’s material poverty contrasts with the wealth of their love for one another. The story conveys that it is the sentiment of the gift rather than the gift itself that matters. Della learns that Jim loves her for more than her appearance. Thus, despite the specter of poverty, the story is animated by an unexpressed hope for the future. This is a variation on the old theme that love conquers all, particularly material setbacks. By setting the story at Christmas time, the author suggests that simple, unselfish human love is the basis of such hope for humankind.  Overall, O. Henry illustrates the moral idea that a person, motivated by nothing but love for another, can possess a willingness to give in a self-denying way which necessitates that the reader considers that wealth be measured by something more than having money and material possessions.