There will not be allowed when the lights is

There are around 65 million people living in
the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is formed by four countries that bring
the four main nationalities un the U.K. The four countries are England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Among all of them, the biggest one is
England, where U.K. capital, London is located at. English is the language almost
everyone speaks with. However, since there are four countries, some people also
speak Cornish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Irish, or Ulster Scots depends on where
that person come from. Like the United States, the official religion of England
is Christianity, some other religion that are also practiced in the U.K.

included Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism.

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Different from the United States, the Britain’s
way to write the date is opposite way round(day, month, year).   They
also use Metric system instead of the old English Imperial system. In other
words, they use metres instead of yards/miles, grammes instead of pounds,
Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, etc. Moreover, the driver side in the U.K. is on
the right-hand side and they drive on the left side of the road. Any turn will
not be allowed when the lights is red, even when the road is clear. Furthermore,
majority of people drive a manual car in the U.K. if your driving license is to
drive an automatic, you are illegal to drive a manual.

Although both countries speak in English, there
are plenty of differences between these two versions of English language which
might result in miscommunication or people having hard time to understand
exactly what other mean. For example, our French fries is chips in U.K and our
chips is called crisps over there. Other than that, our apartments are named
flats and since they called the first floor in apartment ground floor, second
floor over there is called first floor.

There are also several
differences between people behavior due to culture differences. People from the
States tend to be more hectic while British are more of a laid-back style. Other
than that, it is rare to see people having conversation with strangers in
public places in the U.K. and they like to stick with old friends or close
group of friends. Two countries also share a different sense of humor where the
American tend to be more straight sense of humor or a self-deprecating one.

However, the British are famous for their sarcastic sense of humor.