There stockrooms, theft of office equipment, wallet theft must

There are nine points of security concerns related
to building identified in the report.

1. General Purpose of
the building: A
building is used by a certain number of people for a certain period, again the
maintenance is done for the building. Therefore, the maintenance schedule, the
people who are residing, their hours of usage of the building, all these
factors are identified, and recommendations are made based on that (Fennelly,

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2. Hazards associated with the building: The theft from stockrooms, theft of office equipment, wallet theft
must be taken into consideration, and the associated hazards must be identified
(Vreeland & Dreher, 2014).

3. Security applications for the police as well as a guard: The guards
are responsible for ensuring the security of the building,
how do they can enhance security in the building, whether appointing those
guards are cost-effective or not being taken into consideration.

4. Physical recommendations: The access points, doors, lighting and the windows are all examined
clearly and based on that recommendations are made to assure the physical
security of the building (Fennelly, 2016). There are security features like hinges
can be pinned on the doors, hinges can be pinned on the fences and all these
add physical security to the building.

5. Locks, equipment needs to be bolted down: Recommendations are made for
card control applications, key control applications, locks and equipment.

6. Alarms: Alarms can
prove to be useful for the building, it is
considered whether the usage of alarm will be beneficial or not, the
setup of the alarm system is cost-effective
or not are identified (Fennelly, 2016).

7. Storage: The
building may have storage issues, the issues are
examined, and the specific
recommendations are made based on that (Vreeland & Dreher, 2014).

8. Trespassing: Various
signs are needed around the buildings,
‘no trespassing’ is required, or any
other sign is required, are taken into consideration (Fennelly, 2016).

9. Custodians: The
custodians have been planned to be appointed, how they can be beneficial for
the building are studied.

















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