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There is only one type of group in reptiles that have shells. They are turtlesA turtle’s shell is part of their skeletonThey do have a skeleton inside their body as well but they wear part on the outsideTurtles are cold blooded like all reptiles. That means if it is warm outside they are cold. And if it’s cold outside they are cold. But if it gets to cold for them outside they might not be able to move. Turtles can live anywhere as long as it’s not cold all day.They can live in deserts, green forests, grasslands, mountains, marshes, swamps and much much more.They can also go into waterTurtles can go into fresh water like lakes, ponds and rivers.But sea turtles can only go into salt waterThere is 7 species of turtles that live in the oceanThe sea turtle can only be found in the Gulf of mexico, and sections of the Atlantic ocean A shell is made up of hard platesIt is so tough that a shark can’t bite through itA sea turtle has a shell on its stomach. It is called a plastronAnd the shell on its back is called a carapaceOn some turtles, there is scales that cover sections of a turtle’s bodyOn the shell there is openings for a turtle to fit throughThere is openings for its head, tail, and legsThere feet is shaped like long paddles, they are called flippersSea turtles do not have teeth, but they do have sharp ridges and bumps to help them cut up foodSea turtles eat meat and some plants A sea turtle will most likely eat plants that have ridges that are pointy and sharpThose types of plants help a turtle cut up it’s foodIf some sea turtles eat meat, they will most likely feed on small animalsA sea turtle that does eat mostly plants have a jaw shaped like the edge of a sawTheir jaw helps them rip of plantsTurtles that eat mostly meat have jaws as sharp as knives Those types of jaws are very strongA sea turtles senses are very strongTheir strongest sense is their sense of smellTheir sense of smell is so strong that it is better than a dogs Their good sense of smell is useful for finding mealThey also have a really good sense of hearing tooTheir eardrums are covered by a layer of skin, so you cannot see themTheir eardrums are so strong that, they can hear low sounds just as well as humans!Their eardrums can also detect movements/vibrationsAround themAnd with their eyesight, they can see clearly when swimmingTheir eyes are useful when spotting a small preyTurtles are known for being slow. But surprisingly, in water they are very fast! In fact they can zip through the water at 20 miles per hour! To go this fast, they use their front legs.Their legs are long,as well as wide and flat at the endThey use their paddle like feet to help them swiftly guide through the water