There make sure we know what we’re in for.

There is no doubt
that the world has gone digital and to this effect, most of all the things that
used to have a strong one-on-one presence have now adopted a new life called
“The Digital World”. As a proof to this, statistics have shown that in the last
15 – 20 years, the rate at which people have access to internet has grown
tremendously. This has also immensely increased the rate at which the online
community has grown and is still growing. This brings us to the need for our
solution “Avenews – GT”. We are up and about seeking to harness and exploit the
very power and privileges the digital world provides for us, we seek to use the
platform to bring a connect between food wholesalers and food producers
directly therefore reducing the bureaucratic processes that cause overpricing,
artificial scarcity, shadiness in distribution while at the same time reducing
distribution cost, creating transparency between the wholesaler and producer
and creating financial security. Our utmost bid is to bridge the gap of
efficiency lack in the traditional method and provide a full blown solution to
the all the flaws and shortcomings that reoccur in the traditional methods.


Feasibility: The first thing we
looked at, is how achievable the solution at hand is. This led us to a make a
well detailed research to make sure we know what we’re in for.

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Target Oriented: Our solution is
very much target oriented. It is directed towards agriculture and if you dive
deeper it shows more precision in bringing a close handshake between producers
and wholesalers.

Time Bound: The strategy we
provide has a time frame for its return and is not open-ended, there’s an
expected return time to it and this is what helps us know our level of



Main Considerations In Building The Solution


This is the first most important
thing we are considering in our strategy. We are poised at providing a solution
and to this effect we’re seeking to have a start with a substantial amount of
money to see how the whole process goes. The source of our funding are capitals
from the investors, loan from bank as well as personal savings.


With the kind of idea we propose,
we are creating a strategy that is highly scalable. What we propose is an idea
that will cater for the needs of as many farmers and producers as are ready to
join. The whole connection process between wholesalers would go even beyond
locality to international trade.

Strong Online Presence

It is imperative for us to gain a very strong online
presence if we’re going to thrive with this idea because what we seek to
accomplish has more to do with the online world than with meeting face to face.
We will be looking at different ground-gaining tactics we can use to reach out
to as many farmers and producers that exist to make sure our strategy is well
known and recognized.

Target Audience

We have made it clear from the offset that our primary focus
is creating a handshake between the wholesalers and producers, this gives a
sneak peek into who our target audience are. We also hope to increase our reach
as the business expands. Primarily, our target audience are.

Food producers – ranging from small to large
scale agricultural enterprises and producers, with a steady increase of clients
from this end.

Food Consumers – this are wholesalers,
retailers, stores, supermarkets, malls and the likes. Also we envisage a steady
influx of clients from this end.

Timeframe and

We grouped timeframe and productivity because with time, we
should be able to measure our progress. With a frame of 3 years we very much
expect to have a major agro firm managing and handling its business with us and
yielding very good returns. Included in our timeframe is also the trust factor
where we are aware that a lot of new clients would want to test the
authenticity of what we offer before giving their total commitment and
recommending us to others.




For the business of an agricultural firm,
we will be having personas created on a number of levels, take for an instance.

Sylvester James.

James is a man in his late twenties, he
graduated from the Oxford university with an BSc in Agriculture and a MSc in
Food production as well as a PhD in Agriculture and Mechanization.

James is an entrepreneur who is currently
own a large expanse of land and produces dairy products on a large scale, he
also produces eggs and rear livestock on a large scale.

He grew up with a family culture of always
going to the farm and cultivating crops themselves, most of what he knows today
came of family experience, they were farmers in their country side.

His hobbies are farming reading, surfing
the web, swimming and cooking. He also has a flair for meeting new people and
coming across new innovation.

He however hopes to increase sale and
reach a larger expanse of customers far beyond what he currently has and hopes
to go international.


Farm produce, agricultural products, agro
producers, wholesale agric produce, agro services.


You should be looking to shape your
business and move it to the next level, but how? It’s quite simple, with
Avenews you can be guaranteed of a 30% increase as we are poised at making you
known to the world and bringing a handshake between you and those who need you.


We will be using a percentage pricing model for our business and we’ll explain the
strategy below.

Since we are looking to have a lot of
producers and wholesalers as well as retailers join us, we will however agree
on a flat rate but with special emphasis on the fact that the buyers or clients
we have will have a discount of 10% depending on the level of frequency they
purchase our service with. The more often our service is recursively used, the
more percentage decrease we offer giving our clients the chance to increase their


Our product and service makes it very much possible for the eco-system
to regain its fit and shape. With our service, product spoilage will be
drastically reduced and the pollution that is caused by rotten agricultural products
will also reduce.

Charity: for the first year of our funding and
start, 30% of our income and revenue will be given to charity. This is our way
of saying thank you back to the community for the support and enablement they
provided in letting the business grow.

Relationship: we foresee that our service will
foster proper relationship between farmers be it large or medium scale, it will
also foster relationship between producers and customers or clients. This is
the first big step in making the world a better place to live.

Quality: we will also be providing a spark of
quality in the services we offer to clients, ensuring that a smile is always on
the face of  every customer at all time. If
there is a service they are not too satisfied with, we would provide them with
an alternative to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Hope: through the employment opportunities and
charity funding we will be having, we are bringing that burst of hope to as
many lives as we can touch.