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There are many types of adult abuse.  Adult abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, financial and neglect.  Abus can occur in the home or in an assisted living community.  When someone thinks abuse or exploitation has occurred it must be reported to whomever is in charge a the facility where the person is residing.  Once whomever is in charge obtains the report, he or she must determine if an incident has occurred.  You are required to report abuse when it is believed that an adult, disabled or elderly person is in need of protection or are a victim of abuse.  If you suspect they are a victim of exploitation or neglect, it is your obligation to report it.  Reports can be made to the Georgia Composite Medical Board Enforcement Unit and to the pertinent law enforcement or prosecuting attorney. The report can be written or just by you telling someone.  There is no timeframe in which reports can be made.  All report should include the name of the abused patients caretaker and their address.  You also have to include the details of the abuse or incident with abused person’s personal information, such as age and name. If the abuse happens in a long term care facility, and you are the one reporting the incident, your name and address is required in the report.  Also, the details of what happened and if the patient suffered any injuries.  If this was an exploitation case you should import the condition resulting from it.  If you know the cause of the abuse any information that is pertinent to the case would be helpful.  This will help determine cause of injury and the person responsible for the abuse.  It is just best to input everything you know and be very specific.  Although adult abuse happens more than it should, I feel we need to be more proactive to ensure people are treated fairly.  If we treat people how we want to be treated or how we would want someone to treat our parents or grandparents the love, care and attention would be spread out amongst everyone.