The upon my arrival I joined the International group

The importance of economics and its relevance throughout the history of mankind is undeniable.The limited amount of resources in the world obligates us to make decisions and analyze the costs and benefits associated to them. I find that studying economics gives me a deeper understanding of how the world around me works as well as also helping me to make well-informed decisions in my own personal matters. Furthermore, I find economics an undeniably fascinating degree to study, considering it is constantly changing.Economics unifies many different social sciences but also mathematics.The science of economics helps me understand the world around me and mathematics makes these ideas come alive. Studying mathematics at A-level helped me to develop the essential skills in linear algebra, graphs and population distributions. Mathematics also improved my ability to break down complex questions which developed my analytical thinking. I have also taken physics at A-level which had a great impact on my data analysis skills which I believe to be very helpful in economics.In order to keep up with the the world of economies I listen to “The Economist” podcasts on spotify. I have recently listened to a a podcast called “Money talks: New year, new economics”.The podcast discussed topics such as the effect of brexit on the UK economy, uncertainty for the future and the state of the global economy.I’m a person who enjoys singing, writing and creating music in my free time. I self-taught the guitar and I am always trying to learn how to play other instruments such as the piano in my independent time. Besides music, I enjoy playing volleyball and have competed nationally with other teams in my home country, Brazil. During my time at university I intend to make use of the music and sports societies as well.Working in a bakery for five months has helped me to further develop skills such as communication and team-work. As part of my training, I spent a working day in the factory, where I was given a better insight of the business. Visiting the factory helped me understand the importance of specialization to the modern economy.I am currently studying foundation physics at the University of Hull. During this semester I have acquired valuable skills to succeed at university from my “Learning in higher education” module. However, I found myself intrigued by the economic concepts more so than physics.I moved to London around 4 years ago, where upon my arrival I joined the International group at Southfields Academy. As an international student, I had to do five GCSEs in one year whilst learning English as a new language. I was born in Brazil, however, I have dual nationality, both Brazilian and German. I believe a degree in economics will help me in all different aspects of life and not just in terms of a career. I believe studying economics will enhance my understanding of how the world works and also improve my decisions.This degree will challenge my intellect and satisfy my curiosity regarding the way in which I perceive the world around me and its inner workings.


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