The unit that will provide the perfect balance between

The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is high performance
vehicle whose name means “Four leaf clover” and is the first model out of the
new Giulia range that has been introduced to the market. It was unveiled in
June 2015 in Italy and made its official debut in the Frankfurt Motorshow in 2015.


The vehicle contains an aluminium twin turbo V6 petrol
engine that gives a single cylinder displacement which is a little under a half
a litre. This will offer you a total of 2,891cc or 176.4 cu in. This particular
engine was developed by Ferrari technicians exclusively for Quadrifoglio.

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This book will seek to explore many of the features of
the vehicle so the reader will be informed of what is available from the Alfa
Romeo Quadrifoglio.








This vehicle
was born in the mountainous regions of Italy. This area is magnified by 48
turns that are at 9,000 ft above sea level. Only drivers with a fine driving
machine would be able to conquer these while having great design and style. The
Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is a great vehicle that only Italians could create.



The Alfa Romeo
Quadrifoglio is a vehicle that is based on innovation and inspiration that has
been crafted from lessons that have been learnt in the past. Many of these
lessons have been perfected in performance vehicles which have remained


Great SUV

The Alfa Romeo
Quadrifoglio speaks highly with its unique Italian style, craftsmanship and
performance. This is the unit that will provide the perfect balance between
enthusiasm and everyday life.


Under the hood

The SUV is equipped
with a best in class 505 Horsepower that is configured with materials such as
carbon fiber and aluminium and an 8 speed automatic transmission. This is also
equipped with a steering column mounted with aluminium paddle shifters.


Expectations of an SUV

The interior
design has been created to encourage all realm of possibilities to the driver.
The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio promises an exhilarating driving experience that
one can imagine from an Italian sports car that is built inside this high
performance SUV.


Alfa Romeo Excellence

Alfa Romeo
has an excellence track record of innovation and inspiration that has been
applied by lessons learned from the hard fought racing victories which resulted
in the success of their performance cars. They have used these successes to
leverage their future to make themselves legendary.


Fast SUV

The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is considered to be the fastest SUV in the
world. The vehicle has a 2.9 litre all aluminium V6 engine with over 505
horsepower and 443 pound ft of torque. This torque will perform at 2,500 and
5,500 RPM with a top speed of 177mph.


Performance accolades

Alfa Romeo has
been making history in racing and vehicle performance for over a century. With
the creation of the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio it has enhanced their efficiency in
performance. This approach has led it to be the fastest SUV in the world and
this was proven by it doing the quickest lap by an SUV on the Nürburgring with
a performance time of 7.51 minutes.



The engine in
the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio can be described as having muscular strength with
pure emotion for the driver. The state of the art design is what is used to
power every vehicle in the Alfa Romeo line and this manufacturer embodies the
inclusion of technology that will inspire racing performance.


Dynamic Driving

The vehicle is
sporty while being very seductive in its appearance. The vehicle has a double
wishbone front suspension that is supported by a semi virtual steering axis.
This design gives the car an accurate and rapid feel for the steering which
makes it excellent at lateral acceleration.



The vehicle is
rated with one the highest direct steering ratio in its class and thus leaving
an excellent footprint. In the rear, it has a patented axle design that contains
vertical rods that enhances performance and driving pleasure and offering
passenger comfort at the same time.



The vehicle has
great response to the drive, and provides top level performance along with
Italian design. It is designed to quickly respond to the driver’s every
command. It sets a great standard by implementing a 4 mode Alfa DNA mode
selection technology.


Control  (Power)

The technology behind
the driving also includes the various modes such as Advanced Efficiency, Race
Mode, Natural and Dynamic. It is also can influence the driving behavior which
can be changed in optimal handling. The control has now been made personal
which is perfect for the driver.



The basis of
the vehicle is much more than muscles and brains, it requires physics of
motion. The overall design of the vehicle also contains ingenuity, innovation
and beauty. The interaction with the vehicle will stir the emotions of the
driver by using its seductive styles, driver details and providing a vigorous
stance. The vehicle is equipped with Bi-Xenon headlamps.


Alfa Romeo Design

The SUV has
many touches that set it apart from the rest. It has a special triangular
grille that is sculpted within the front fascia of the vehicle. This forms the
signature “Trilobo” design which is associated with Alfa Romeo. This is the
first time this is seen in an SUV.



Italian Origins

One of the
best things a driver could require is having a comfortable experience while
driving.  There are many details that
will reflect origins of Italy. Italians have great pride in their country and
this is shown in the Italian leather along with the stitching and the Alcantara
combinations as well.



The braking
in the vehicle is highly responsive and you are able to stop on a dime. There
is an integrated braking system that allows an almost instant response to
braking which results in reduced braking distances. The Brembo brakes ensure
that your safety standard will be ahead of the game.


Safety first

The vehicle
is all about safeguarding the driver by ensuring that the safety is always
first with Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is
no exception to this rule, the safety is supported by the driver assistance
technologies and other safety features.


Driver Assistance

There are many safety features that the
vehicle is equipped with. Some of these include automatic high beam system,
infrared windshield, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise





The elements

The vehicle has an all-wheel drive system
that gives the driver confidence for any road and any condition. The vehicle will
offer performance in any weather utilizing an Active Transfer Case (ATC) which
uses advanced active clutch technology. This system is new and innovative and will
continue to monitor the road conditions to deliver the ideal distribution of
torque to handle various road conditions.


Driver Centric

The design of the vehicle puts the driver
at the center of the complete operation. This includes a high resolution 8.8
inch wide screen information system on the cluster which is in easy reach at
all times. This offers real time command of the environment giving total
command to whoever is behind the wheel.


Ford Escape

The exterior and the interior of the
vehicle is constantly updated year to year. This is also in collaboration with
updated engine options, top safety features and entertainment features. This
helps this vehicle to be highly competitive in its class.


Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano is a high rated midsize
SUV and has received many awards for its class. It also received accolades as
one of the best 2 row SUVs for the money so you can be sure you will get a good
value. Overall, it has a redesigned interior with many features and a very fuel
efficient V6.


Ford Edge

The vehicle is well known for its ride and
handling similar to a car. There are two V6 options that are available but many
drivers go for the four cylinder engine to get the best fuel economy.


Hyundai Tucson

This vehicle is a compact vehicle that can
come with the Apple CarPlay service or Android Auto. There were some critics
but they were satisfied with the quiet cabin and the space in the rear seats
that are spacious. This also handles well and scores well in the safety space
as well.


Hyundai Santa Fe

The Santa Fe has been constantly updated
and refreshed in many ways. It is quite similar to the Tucson but there are
many features that makes a difference. Some of these features include an 8 inch
touch screen, heated seats and lane assist.


Honda Pilot

The pilot has been redesigned to ensure
that it is comfortable and has a spacious interior. It also possesses a good
safety rating and reliability scores in all the areas. It is important to note
that it can seat up to 8 via three rows and the third row can accommodate
adults as well.



Toyota Highlander

This vehicle can seat up to eight and has many active features that
are related to safety. The engine may not be very impressive but the fuel
economy is above the average of the industry. The ride is comfortable and quiet
and if you would like to obtain better fuel economy, you can go for the
highlander Hybrid.




Kia Sorento

The vehicle is a midsize SUV that can seat up to seven
passengers and providing a high quality interior. The Kia Sorento is not
exceptional in any particular areas but as compared with others is a
well-rounded option. The standard four cylinder engine is not powerful but
additional choices can be selected.


Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 is a great SUV that is fun to drive and still offers
a great fuel economy. The engine options are not the best but you may have
difficulties to find another vehicle that handles like the CX5. There are some
options to mention such as rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control
and lane departure warning.


Honda CRV

The Honda CRV is a top ranked SUV and has won many
awards for its design and performance. It is also noted as one of the best SUVs
that you can get for money at its price point. It also offers great cargo and
passenger space while being full efficient with great safety ratings.



Why buy an SUV?

An SUV is a vehicle that has an appeal to many drivers in the
driving industry. It usually gives good cargo space along with a higher driving
position when compared to cars. There are other things such as towing capacity
that will help the driver.


Things to consider

Many of the powertrain choices for the SUVs usually contain a four
cylinder to very powerful V8s contained in the largest SUVs. In recent times,
turbocharged four to six cylinder engines have become popular in the industry.



At the most basic composition, an SUV can cost $20,000 or less but a
majority of the costing ay be in the mid-20’s with typical equipment. In the
$30,000 range these are mid-sized SUVs that contains many bells and whistles.


Car-based vs Truck based

In the SUV market, there are two main types of them you can obtain.
These are car based or crossovers known as CUVs which are framed like a regular
car. There are also the truck based models that offer all-wheel drive that can
handle off road situations.


Subcompact SUVs

This is a new category of SUVs that are becoming very popular in the
industry today. These include SUV versions such as Jeep Renegade, Honda HRV and
the Chevrolet Trax. These SUVs are smaller but they do offer an elevated ride
height and a higher seating position.


Small SUVs

This is a great vehicle if the driver is looking for more room than
a smaller sedan and with larger cargo room. There is also a higher driving
position than cars. It also gives some good fuel economy that can rival family


Compact Sporty SUVs

These SUV versions are smaller but are largely performance based
which can give good handling, a quieter cabin, a better fit and finish. These
set of SUVs will offer better amenities than a smaller SUV and most of the
contenders in this group include Japanese or European brands.


Midsized SUVs

This is another alternative to minivans and can satisfy some needs
of persons who may want to purchase a large SUV. This vehicle group can satisfy
the need of the balance for power, cargo interior space and safety.




Larger SUVs

In a larger SUV, you will find more interior space, towing capacity
and a greater amount of power. Some of these SUVs may not have an adventurous
appearance but the usefulness will outweigh this as this vehicle can provide
many options.


Engine/Fuel Economy

The smaller SUVs are usually powered by a four cylinder engine and
some of them may come equipped with a turbocharger. Some of the midsized units
come equipped with a V6 engine that will give a balance of power and fuel.


Drive Wheels

The SUVs that are released will come out in four wheel
drive or an all- wheel drive. Most of them will come from a two wheel option
where some truck based versions come in rear wheel drive. Crossovers usually
come in a front wheel drive which means only the two wheels are operational.


It is well known that the truck based SUVs offer greater towing
capacity than most vehicle types except pickup trucks. Some of the larger
models are rated to tow up to 9,100lbs or in real terms a large boat, home or
camp trailer.



Some of the SUVs were specifically made to be able to take on the
wilderness. It is noted that vehicles who are best suited for that kind of
environment should be equipped certain elements. This includes a four wheel
drive system, skid plates to protect the underbody and appropriate ground



SUVs as bigger vehicles usually offer better access by having wider
front and rear doors with better head clearance that helps and entry and exit.
This is also one of the requirements as the vehicle is higher than a car so it
may pose a problem for shorter people or children to properly access them.



Almost all the SUVs will carry up to five persons. In some midsized
or full sized models you may find a third row seat option that can see up to
eight persons being seated. In these vehicles, the cargo space is limited when
those seats area deployed and it may be suitable for children only.



In the SUV configuration there will be space in the vehicle that can
be used as cargo space. This is usually done in the second or third row that
may be able to fold flat or it will be removable.


Safety Features

The accident statistics show that SUVs may have a higher possibility
of rollover accidents than cars and this is because they are taller and top
heavy. However, the design will include safety equipment such as head
protecting airbags and are specifically made to keep passengers inside during
the event of a rollover.


Advanced safety technologies

There are many new technologies that are integrated in the newer SUV
designs that are made to protect the passengers. Two examples of this is
automatic emergency braking and the forward collision warning. The latter
provides an alert to warn the driver of the impending possibility of a
collision. Additionally, the automatic emergency braking (AEB) will initiate
braking if you do not react in time.



The latest cars are coming with the ability to bring you home
theater in your vehicle using Bluetooth connectivity. There is also some amount
of compatibility with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay along with navigation guidance