The topic of feminism is one of the most

The topic of feminism is one of the most discussed in nowadays world. Feminism—is
a range of ideologies, political and social movements aimed at achieving
equality of political, economic, personal and social rights for women or
overcoming sexism. The first ideas towards this movement were revealed in the
late XVIII century, right after destroying of the feudal society. In the works
of French and English authors were discussed problems of women’s right and their
positions within a society. Famous authors like Montesquieu and Voltaire wrote about women’s dignity, severe
fate and their rights. At the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century in the
USA burned out the first wave of the flow. And after such a long period this
problem still remains to be relevant to our days. How is it possible, that more
than 200 years lasted, the world has become to live differently, some
generations were born and killed, and new ideas were invented and then
destroyed? We are now in the 2018, but still we face to this problem of
inequality. So, I just wonder if this movement could exist just from commercial
perspective (as in our age people want to earn money in every strange manner)
or this question is still important from its ideological perspective. To be
honest, I can find more points pro the statement, that the feministic movement
remains popular among the society, just because of the fact that people can
make good money by promoting this idea in media. As everybody knows media and
communication is the best investment in XXI century at the same level with investment
in real property. To be more specific I will describe my point of view on the
example of one of the most famous TV project in the early XXI century—”Sex and
the city”. Being broadcasted by HBO studio from 1998 to 2004 it has achieved
such a big success and gained a huge audience not only among women, but surprisingly,
among men too. The only question is why has it achieved such a power? Is it due
to revealing the ideas of life of modern woman with feministic ideas or maybe
because of the efficient work made by directors, writers and producers? I just
can assume that it is because of the optimal balance between the descriptions
of interpersonal relationships, love and sex, flavored with fashion, culinary
art and the luxuries of the secular life of a large city. Therefore, the main
characters are so close not only to the residents of New York, but also all,
without exception, megacities of the world.

“Sex and the city” is the series about four women, who are friends, at the
age slightly after 30 and their life in the center of fashion and business—New York.  The concept of the project is the 4 independent
life-stories of four lonely women with sometimes different perceptions of the
modern life and their adventure in looking for an ideal man, work and future
itself. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha
Jones, Charlotte
York and Miranda Hobbes  are opened to
any questions in the sphere of love, sex and making career. They met together
and discuss their wins and fails, support each other and give one another
pieces of advice, sometimes really stupid. It is not only about living in a big
city and looking for a man, but also about women’s friendship and their
attitude towards problems of any types. The series raises issues of safe sex,
sexual orientation, promiscuous connections, feminism, the role of women in
modern society, and many others. The plot demonstrates how the change in social
roles and the constant revision of one’s own positions affect a person.

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The prototypes of the main characters were taken from a real life.
Candace Bushnell is the author of the book, confessed that the main character
(Carrie Bradshaw) is her “alter ego”. Girlfriends represent the
collective image of modern American women, who discuss a variety of topics –
from sexual fantasies to political theories. The image of this woman is quite
interesting as it has four different faces and has answers to any hot question.
This woman is different all the time, she looks at the world with the eyes of
consumer, she does not afraid to change and to adapt to any situations. She can
easily leave her stereotypes and prejudice about every things in the world. She
has power, she has the world near her legs, she can make everyone do whatever
she wants. Of course she is successful and of course she is a chronic feminist.

To be more specific about feminism in the series and its depicting in
the behavior of main characters, I present some example, which will support my

The first fact and example that appeared in my head, right after
watching some episodes and two films is that the woman has a voice. No matter
in which situation, in which country are you, no matter who are your parent or
friends or in which company are you, you can always say whatever you want and you
do not afraid to be ashamed, satirized or even shut off. You are in XXI century;
you can have any work: writer as Carry, PR-agent as Samantha or even lawyer as
Miranda. There is no work only for men, as well as there are no words and
opinions that can be said only by men. You have a right of free speech, so use
it. Such an idea is been propagandized by these characters.  

The nex point to clarify that “Sex and the city” is saturated by
feminism is the fact that during the 6 season these four women are looking for
an ideal guy. But all the time they fail and lost their last chance. However
this negative vibes are not prolonged and everyone from this fourth is happy to
be free and not lonely, independent and self-esteemed. They are happy to have
their soul mates-friends, who are always by their side and can give a proper
advice about a perfect pair of shoes. The most important feature of these women
is that they do know the value for their beauty, intellect, actions and
behavior. They do not want change their lives in order to be with the man who
does not esteem it in a proper way. Only woman is in charge of he own life.

Another statement that comes to my mind with revising of the topic of
feminism in
“Sex and the City” is the ageism. Looking at the main characters, the thought
about time stopping appears. These women can do everything whatever they want,
not paying attention to the age stereotypes that every second person draw in
his or her mind. There is no difference what is your age in the ID or passport.
You can act just how your heart asks. These four ladies broke up all the stereotypes
about women at the age of 30+. They are free and happy. They do not need a
husband or family to fell all-sufficient. They do not have any desire to follow
the movement of typical future wives, who are limited in their own way of
thinking. They have already overcome the age.

The last argument is the definition of beauty given by the main
characters. From times immemorial the golden ratio exists and to be sexual in
the men’s eye, all the women try to depict it. Moreover, following not only the
rules of this ratio but also the fashion trends women usually lose themselves
and kill their personality. But these four women play in the opponent team;
they break the rules and dictate their own rules. Of course, they try to keep
fit and take care about their health, but only because of the fact that they
like it. They enjoy their reflection in the mirror and they love that the men
want them, but this is all only to remain self-confident woman. I like the fact
that actresses who play in the series have a quite simple appearance. I mean
they are not a super models or celebrities just after surgery. They are typical
woman at the middle age with some defects on the faces, who do not hide it, but
that one, who thinks that it is natural. That is why, I think it is truly depicted
of the American woman.

To summarize, I want to write that the feminism ideology is one of the
most numerous. It remains popular through the year, because of the range of
facts. One of them is the point, that this movement is broadly used by
commercials, especially in media and communication. Such a thing has happened
to a series “Sex and the city”. One of the reasons of its popularity is the
fact, that revealing of the feminism ideology was and is close and well-known
to a huge number of viewers, who find these ideas relevant to their lives. A
lot of women are afraid to be strong and to have power, but this project shows
that it is cool. “Sex and the City” gives support to people and shows new
perspectives. No matter at what age people are, if they feel weak they will
follow any success, may be with their own manner. That is why producers like
feminism, it makes money for them.





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