The today is that of the ignorance of American’s.

The story “Editha” can be used as a lens to analyze the
problem of America’s ignorance and can teach us that the importance of
awareness and knowledge goes beyond the benefit of the individual.

Editha’s views of war and patriotism lead to the tragic
death of her beloved George. Her obsession of belief about the rightness and necessity of war compels
her appeasing fiancé, to go against his beliefs and principles, and do what he
fears and dislikes most, battling and potentially killing other human

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A current issue today is that of the ignorance of American’s.
Many American’s are unfamiliar with overseas problems making it impossible for
them to help form and carry out foreign policy which is an essential element of
self-government in a strong modern democracy. People need to develop a deeper gratitude
and understanding of the forces at work, so that popular attitudes are no
longer subject to obtuse manipulation. Reasonably so, Americans are more
worried over issues going on in their homeland, however, that makes it harder
to influence them that every issue of public concern will soon have an
international aspect. But the continued ignorance of or indifference towards
how other people see the world, is a tangible threat to our own security as a

Editha’s unawareness and inaccurate ideas about war are
similar to that of the American people’s unfamiliarity with foreign issues. Not
having the right picture of the rest of the world could lead to naïve beliefs and
uneducated decisions with consequences similar to those of George. Selfishness
and ignorance like Editha’s leads to the suffering of many people. It is
important to understand foreign countries and to maintain international
relationships to make educated choices and to ensure the safety of all people.
The fact that Howell’s wrote this piece in contrast of a historical event of
the country makes it even more relevant. Editha’s character is built
specifically to deter the reader away from the idea of war and to depict the
country as a whole as being foolish and disillusioned about the country’s past,
so one can defer that Editha’s viewpoint and character is important to avoid in
the country’s future.