The their pet with the best food to ensure

Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has regulated a legal document
for the easy communication between pet food manufacturers and pet owners which
is the pet food label (Lisa, 2009). The validation of the nutritional level
of “complete and balanced” dog or cat foods depends on the AAFCO Dog
and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles and the AAFCO Feeding Protocols which are the only
methods recognized by AAFCO so far. A label will not be accepted even if a
product is validated by a feeding trial but does not meet the AAFCO Dog or Cat
Food Nutrient Profiles. The product has the minimum level and not more than the
maximum level listed for a specific nutrient in the profile is considered an unqualified
reference to an AAFCO Dog or Cat Food Nutrient Profile (AAFCO, 2014). Pet owners play a very important role in providing
their pet with the best food to ensure an overall good health of their pet.
There are many aspects such as the awareness on the packaging, ingredients and
different type of food categories that the owner should be aware to ensure they
deliver the correct amount and type of nutrients for their pet, Indeed, balance
nutrients provided at a specific life stage of their pet is helps in ensuring a
proper growth and development. Pet food is different from the food humans
consume whereby pet owners will not consume these products directly. This is
because, pet food products can be experienced only by watching, touching and
smelling, other factors such as brand, health issues and aroma can influence the
consumer in the final selection process and their preparedness to pay (Cuellar
2013). Therefore it is considered to be of a great interest to discover the
relationship between health-related claims on pet food packaging and the consumers’
perception (Huang, 2014).



Moreover, pet food has a common feature whereby they use
packaging and branding techniques to attract the attention of their buyers. Attracting
text information on the pet food packaging with a purpose for health promoting
or taste promoting conveys different information for choosing a particular food
for their pet. Pet owners that fail
to interpret these information on the pet food label may lead to terrible consequences
such as undernourishing or overnourishing their pet causing a reduced in
performance and risk for several health disorders which may lead to death
(Bren, 2001). The proper awareness among pet owners on the proper understanding
of the pet food label is essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle and long
living of their pet. According to (Kuvykaite 2009), the food packaging
is an important mode to allow a good way of interaction between manufacturers,
distributors and the valued consumers. Thus, academic interest in the pet food packaging
has become important over the years. According to Wells 2007, Garber, Burke,
& Jones 2000 and Folkes 2004, there have been studies to know the association
between manufacturers and consumers and how this product information had an impact
on the final purchasing decision. 

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