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The first artist I have chosen to write about is Sir Peter Blake this artist is known for his printing and printmaking through the pop art movement he was born 2 days after my birthday in Dartford Kent. Peter grew up in Dartford Kent , England in a normal household his father  was an electrician. Even though he had a younger brother and young sister he still says to this day that he was extremely shy during his childhood this is why painting and art was picked up in his childhood days. Unfortunately I found out  there was a disruption in his education when his family were evacuated during the second world war.  After the second world war he began to attend the Gravesend Technical College Junior Art School.  Where he learned most of the creative life drawing skills,typography and joinery. This is where he was first made known to highbrow culture such as fine art and classical music. Thankfully he never lost touch with his working class roots,continuing to seek a positive interest in jazz clubs,football,speedway and wrestling as well as staying close to his mother,aunt and the rest of the family.When peter was 17 he had a serious cycling accident which has stayed with him for the rest of his life and changed the way he looked.After the accident is when peter really began to start using painting and art continuously.  During the 1950s Blake became one of the most well known british pop artists.His paintings from time have included images from usually advertisements,music hall entertainment and wrestlers this often included a lot of collaged elements. Some of his most well-known pieces of art include the first real target photo which has an abstract feel to it, whilst Oasis were still together he designed the cover for their greatest hits album stop the clocks. This isn’t the only music artist he has designed work for in 2016 he worked on Eric Clapton’s studio album as well as the The Beach Boys cover also plus the Band aid single for do they know it’s Christmas.The sleeve design for Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Clubs Band features work from Sir peter doing this managed to gain him  publicity as well a large reputation from the art board media. His 1961 self portrait with badges where he himself stands alone in his denim jackets wearing converse trainers and holding an Elvis Presley album is one of the most iconic images of all time.This famous album design cover helped to showcase some of his work  and legacy plus show that other pop artists can be showing in there upcoming  printwork. The have used these skills as they have continued to use the printing methods as well as using a large range of colours as well shapes.Peter graduated from The Royal College Of Art in 1956 after also completed his national service. This help him to gain his Levehulme research award in  to study art whilst travelling around europe after doing this he went onto to study in the most successful london art schools.The first solo show of peter was held in the portal gallery in 1962 and ever since the early 70s has work has managed to be exhibited in one-man shows and collections around the world .In 1994 he was made the third he was made the third associate artist of the national gallery. This helped him to be achieve a knighthood from the queen on her golden jubilee in 2002.Some of his peters influences include Peter Hamilton,Jasper Johns, Marcel Duchamp and Richard Hamilton He said in a quote which I was reading that “Very rarely is art someone else’s invention”.The processes peter tends to use old salvaged objects and scraps of ephemera he kept from his very first day as an art student hoping to finally make away into his work. After collecting them peter glued the pieces together to sheets of board that he himself had painted with bright colourful and hard-edged patterns using ordinary household varnish.The reason I choose to write about peter was because I noticed he had done a lot of artwork for album covers on bands that I like to listen too after looking into this It helped me to look into more of his classical work throughout the years while finding out about the different processes and techniques he used as well. After doing this I am planning to maybe recreate some of the album covers peter used as well as adding my own effects and touch to it as well.By Kal Davis16/01/2018