The the ternary image were used to construct an

The ternary map (figure 10. a) of the study area was
established by modulating the three colors blue, green and red for the
intensities of Potassium, thorium and uranium respectively.
The radiometric response in ternary map to some extent corresponds with the
surface rock units of the study area and shows a close spatial correlation with
the rock units. The visual inspection of this map shows that high concentration
of K, eTh and eU radioactive elements are displayed in white color and related
to Younger Granite, Metamorphic rocks, Dokhan Volcanic and Post Hammamat
Felsites. They are normally characterized by their strong radiometric response
and can be easily discriminated from the low radioactive rocks. Low
concentration of K, eTh, and eU radioactive elements is represented by dark
color coincides with Metavolcanics, Ophiolitic Metagabro, Ophiolitic Serpentine
and Talc Carbonate rocks. The blue color represents high potassium content but
low thorium and uranium and coincides with Hammamat Clastics and Metasediments.
Additionally, the green color corresponds to regions of high thorium with low
potassium and uranium associated with Taref Formation. The composite image
doesn’t provide color discrimination between Metavolcanics, Metagabro,
Ophiolitic Serpentine and Talc Carbonates rocks also there is no color
discrimination between Metasediments and Hammamat clastics. This can be discussed
to the resemblance of radioelement content and the redistribution of
radioelements concentration in the overburden because of high weathering

The total count map together with
the ternary image were used to construct an interpretative radiometric
lithological map (figure 10. b). Close
inspection of this map and its comparison with the geological map presented by
Conoco 1987 (figure 1.a) reveals some
eye-catching features. They clearly reveal the basement and sedimentary
contacts. Most of the traced rock units of the basement complex such as Younger
granite, metamorphic rock, Dokhan volcanic, metasediments, acidic and basic
Metavolcanics, Gabbro, ophiolitic serpentine, talc carbonates and Metagabro are
in close agreement with the rock units presented in the geological map.

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