The search of new trade opportunities. As the came

The early modern period time frame is presumed to have occurred during the 1300-1600. During this period, we saw the development of the renaissance, experimental science, accelerated travel and increasingly rapid development in technology. Many believe that this period is what shaped today’s society. As there were many discoveries made during this period, an important one was made, the printing press. With invention of the printing press by Johannes Guthenberg’s, it opened up communication lines to the world. The printing press allowing the growth of literacy, new economies and institutions to emerge and finally implementing a system of centralized governments.

As the emergence of the printing press came along with it, a growth in literacy. There were many illiterate people because many people were denied the right to learn due to the class system that was implemented at that time. As people began to learn how to read, there was a expansion in the urban middle class. Many middle class people in Europe began to travel the globe in search of new trade opportunities. As the came across many trade networking opportunities like China, Japan and many others, along came mass communication. The   printing press allowed many middle class business owners to mass print flyer and brochures as this allowed them to attract business from all over the world and it also taught them how to market themselves. This was the early stages of what modern day marketing would look like for companies like Apple. 

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