The real story about her mother and father. Hala

The Journey of HalaA hero is someone who maximizes there body and mind to help people in their community. Hala thinks that she was an average human, but she does not know the real story about her mother and father. Hala has a best friend named Ayah, they’ve known each other since they were in middle school, they graduated together, they go to the same college, and live in the same dorm, they both do everything together. One day Hala and Ayah went shopping for clothes, the whole time Hala felt pressure in her body. She started to hear stuff from far like a bank getting robbed. She felt the need to follow the noise. It took her a minute to get to the location, but when she checked the area, she was at the bank and it was thirty minutes away from the mall. She was completely confused about what was going on. She called Ayah to come pick her up. While she was waiting for Ayha, she started losing conscience. She then wakes up in the hospital with Ayha. They both go home, and Ayha tells her that she has superpowers. Hala freaks out, but Ayha helps her to calm down and redeem herself. Ayha then tells her that she is also supernatural. Hala started getting mad because they’ve been together the majority of their life and she didn’t tell her from before. Hala’s superpower is that she has the ability to change to the environment, the ability to teleport using her hand and feet, shrink to incredible sizes while retaining her full mass, healing factor, enhanced hearing, and nigh-invulnerability. Her weaknesses are that when she gets mad, she can’t control what she does.Weeks later Ayah helps Hala master her superpower strategies. Hala started to tell Ayah that her goal in having superpowers is that she will help anyone that is in trouble or that is in need of help. One day Hala receives a call from Ayha saying that they have to face an unknowing dengue adventure on an island, where their lives there sworn enemy Victor. He kidnaped three children from their mother. They both use there transporting ability to go on the island and look for the children and Victor. Hala uses one of her superpowers to change the environment so she can get used to it. When they entered, they started to examine the situation. The streets were dark, dull, and the environment was volatile. They both went behind a building, cleaned themselves up and prepared themselves for any surprises. Ayah used her tracking ability to track where he was in the island. Ayah tracked and found him, and they both teleported themselves to the lair. They both snuck into a building from a window. Seeing the children tied up and Victor testing out new gadgets.Ayah and Hala both stormed into the building, crashing everything in front of them. Victor was amazed; Ayah started to attack Vitor while Hala untied the kids.Victor began to shoot electric rays at Ayah. While Hala was uniting the kids, she pulled on a rope that electrocuted her. She tried on getting up, but she stayed laying down on the ground for a while. Ayah realized that Hala was in trouble, she used her telacensises to drag a big boulder and to throw it on Victor. She ran to Hala and took from her energy and gave it to Hala. Hala quickly got up she untied the children, grabbed them and flew over and hid them in a room. Vitor escaped from the bolder and used his weapons to stop them. They both used there fighting ability to get away from whatever was coming at them. Hala used her shrinking ability to shrink and then flew to where all his weapons where. She broke all of his weapons and flew back and resized herself.Hala grabbed metal bars and started to throw them at Victor, he held them back with his force field and then Ayah stomped her foot in the ground which shook the hole floor and all the metals fell on him. Victor got back up and started to form a ball of fire in his hands, Hala and Ayah came together, held hands and combined powers.They flew up.Started to glow.And beamed a bright light at him. Victor flew across the room. His body started to turn pail, Hala and Ayah were very confused but felt like he was going to come back, lastly Ayah used her super strength and punched him right in the heart. They then realized that there was no heartbeat. Ayah picked up all the broken wall pieces and Hala put him underneath them.After hours and hours, Hala and Ayah finally defeated Victor. While they were crushing him, they were both very curvatures and had lots of confidence inside of them which made the journey even more adventurous. Ayah and Hala took the three children and brought them to their mother. While they were taking them to their parents, they both changed to the standard clothes. On their way, Hala gave them advice on how they should never leave their parents.Who to contact when they are lost. How to deal with the situation like this. And to defend themselves. They told Hala how they reacted when it happened, and how they dealt with it. On the other hand, Ayah was asking them how they felt. She told them when things like this happen they shouldn’t be scared. They should have confidence in themselves. They need to stay with each other. By the time they walked back Hala and Ayah had a long conversation with there parents.