The of New Era Engineers(ISNEE) to test ourselves in

The concept
of mobility in machines controlled by human beings seemed like magic to me ever
since my childhood. This fascination has since been responsible for my
inclination towards engineering. I have been an automobile fanatic right since
my primary schooling days. I still remember the day I went to an auto expo for
the very first time in 2001 , the only this I bought was ‘a scaled model of
Mercedes Benz A-Class car’ which I still have as a souvenir, The only toys in
which I was interested as a child was related to movement. I always wanted to
understand the logic behind this so that one day I can make one of those thing
myself. From then on , physics became my favorite subject at school , and when
I had to choose my career path, it was undoubtedly Mechanical Engineering. With
this background and a desire to pursue specialization , I’m applying for Master
of Applied Science offered by Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics
Engineering in University of Waterloo.

I always
have a quest for learning & the same is reflected by my grades throughout my
academic career, After securing 86.5% & 91.4% in senior secondary &
higher secondary respectively I received an offer to do engineering from one of
the most reputed college of engineering – Dehradun Institute of Technology,
India. In the first year itself I got an amazing opportunity to work with the
college Baja team whose aim was to fabricate a all terrain vehicle(ATV) for a  competition conducted by Society of Automobile
Engineers(SAE), but the team was not able to qualify for the main event. The
failure left me with all the knowledge I gained during the project &
motivation to do something innovative. So, the following year I made a team
& participated in EFFI-CYCLE event conducted by SAE where the aim was to
design & fabricate a energy efficient three wheeled vehicle powered by
human-electric hybrid power . The team went onto secure 38th rank
out of 278 teams which participated from all over India. The quest for
fabricating the vehicle increased with the success & next year we
participated in National Go-Kart Design Challenge conducted by Indian Society
of New Era Engineers(ISNEE) to test ourselves in a new dimension. Here we
fabricated a Go-Kart vehicle & successfully participated in the event.
During the tenure I learned in depth knowledge of vehicle dynamics , IC engines
, Electric motors , material & testing , and automobile engineering

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