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The video on Maslow’s progression proposes that each individual
has levels of need. These necessities require that lower and more central needs
be accomplished first before higher necessities are accomplished. 


The fortunate thing about this positioning of necessities is
that people are spurred to move from essential needs to higher requirements,
giving an unmistakable guide to self-awareness. In numerous business settings,
this chain of the importance of requirements can likewise be utilized as a part
of product outline and marketing. 

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One of the disadvantages of Maslow’s hypothesis is that it
accepts individuals are homogeneous crosswise over societies and ages in their
requirements. In all actuality, I have seen some people wanting to do certain
things that are far up the step of Maslow’s pecking order of need than the ones
that are fundamental. The same applies to some people who you know are far up
there the stepping stool yet are as yet propelled by bringing down necessities,
per Maslow’s positioning. 


Think about the following situations: 


Some people may lean toward going on a costly get-away vacation while
not paying their home loan or lease. 


Buying a costly sports car while you don’t have a house. 


A political figure who is rich and has apparently self-actualized
yet is as yet persuaded by security and moves around with body guards. 


Although self-identity is referred to as a fundamental need, the
Palestinian individuals who might be in self-actualization mode may, in any
case, be inspired by self-identity needs more than the other needs over the
chain of command. 


Each time I visit Africa, I converse with youngsters there the
majority of whom are not productively utilized. In any case, these individuals
can successfully get a costly cell phone despite the fact that they can’t bear
to get themselves garments to wear. 


All in all, it creates the impression that it is a test to
stratify individuals’ needs in clear positioning in a steady progression. It
gives off an impression of being excessively shortsighted. Human needs and
lives are more entangled than that. A similar item or administration can
fulfill individuals distinctively or a few needs can be fulfilled by a similar
item without a moment’s delay. The model additionally appears to not focus on
social contrasts. Maslow may have been taking a gander at a specific arrangement
of culture at a specific time.