The Knox arrived with artillery from fort Ticonderoga. Woman

The American revolution was caused by unfair taxes by Great Britain. There
were protests on British taxes when the Americans decided to declare war. The
British were trying to take control of the American colonies. France helped the
Americans beat the British empire when the American empire weakened the British
empire. The British empire surrendered at Yorktown 1781, but the battle didn’t
end until 1783. The Americans fought on land with militias, and the continental
army. Americans fought on the sea with a young navy. The militias and
continental armies were poorly disciplined which made them have a disadvantage.
On April 16 Paul Revere rode to 20 miles to concord to advise local compatriots
to secure the military stores before the British soldiers arrive. During the
battle of bunker hill 1000 British soldiers died and only 200 Americans died at
first there were 800 American troops and 2000 British troops. George Washington
was appointed with 15,000 American troops.

After the Boston tea party, the British responded with the intolerable
acts. Thomas Gage had 4000 American Soldiers under his command. During the
winter of 1775 to 1776 George Washington’s Soldiers lagged so bad they needed
fresh soldiers to maintain the siege. Henry Knox arrived with artillery from
fort Ticonderoga. Woman worked as spies during the revolutionary war woman also
worked as nurses. British and Americans used to think woman did not understand
military strategy. Women where not allowed to fight in the military in the
1700’s. Abigail Adams was the son of one of the founding fathers John Adams she
made musket balls for American soldiers. Lydia acted as a spy and overheard
British officers talking about an attack on the continental army, and she told
an American soldier about the attack, so George Washington was ready for the
British when they came.

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America was a new continent filled with trees. The
British’s enemy in America was the Indians. The British colonized America which
made them have a strong influence on America. It was easy to become wealthy in
America when the 13 colonies were created. When the Americans organized a
pursuit, the Indians waited and then ambushed them. The Americans quickly
realized the Indian’s strategy, and they learned the value of stealth and
silence. To avoid being ambushed the Americans sent scouts. To prevent
themselves from getting hit by arrows the Americans hid behind rocks, trees,
and fences. The Americans learned to use the Indians disadvantages against
them. The Americans learned that the Indians don’t set up guards at night, and
the Indians did not like to fight in winter. The Americans families could hide
in brick houses after they were created.      

Braddock’s redcoat soldiers were attacked by the
French and Indians. When the Redcoats were attacked they were confused, because
they did not have enough experience. The redcoats retreated and kept on running
and did not stop even when they reached their supply wagons. Braddock was killed
in the battle, and a new commander named William was recruited.  The British used camouflage in the forests
instead of their traditional redcoats. The British defeated the French, because
the British created a strategy and their soldiers were experienced. When the
French and Indian war ended the American rifle was invented. After the French and
Indian war, the Americans were much more experienced. The British made the
Americans pay part of the British bill. When the Americas Protested against the
British they responded with the intolerable acts. The Americans revolted when
the British responded with the intolerable acts causing the British soldiers to
panic and fire their muskets. The first continental congress was created in 1774
to convince the British to repeal the intolerable acts.

Life was difficult in the 13
colonies and when the British passed unfair laws Woman decided to join the war
against England. Woman Risked their lives sending secret messages to America,
and they made food for the American army and the colonists. They gave the patriots
bullets, clothing, food, and blankets. The American Woman held British soldier’s
prisoner during the war. The British used a lot of money in the French and
Indian war, so they made the American colonies pay taxes. The American colonists
were forced to pay high taxes. The British did not use the taxes the colonists
payed to help them which made the Americans angry. Many Americans boycotted the
items that they had to pay high taxes for, but the British did not change the
taxes or remove them. When the British did not change the taxes, the Americans
got very angry and protested the law. The Americans colonists thought taxation
without representation was unfair.