The jobs go unfilled due to a lack of

best companies around the world are discovering a new and powerful source of
competitive advantage that help the companies to grow very fast and it’s called
supply chain management
(SCM) is the management of the flow of goods and it covers all of those
combined activities that bring product to market and create pleased customers.
In addition, it’s include the movement, work-in-process, storage of raw
materials inventory, and finished goods from point of source to point of
consumption. This idea is really brilliant idea and it’s really helping the
industries to improve their business.

of the people chose to have the supply chain management (SCM) in their list and
there are many reasons for that. Supply chain management less competition:
Supply chain management is an industry on the rise with positions all over the
world that need to be filled.  According
to the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, the logistics manufacturing
is expected to create more than 1 million jobs over the next four years and
only 75,000 students will be graduating with related degrees to fill those
positions. The truth is every year hundreds of thousands of supply chain jobs
go unfilled due to a lack of qualified applicants also the University of North
Texas logistics degree program even claims a 100% job placement rate. 

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part that most people loved about supply chain management is that they get pay
very respectable. Salaries for those in supply chain management range from first
pay at 45k to 60k upwards of 200k for directors and managers. In the recent job
market now there are many recent college graduates struggle and had really hard
time to even find full-time job helped work related to their field of what they
want to work with.

degree for supply chain is more applicable in more than one industry and now
there are many people are majoring in this major. In addition, The Supply chain
management will give you a lot of skills that would help us to build our
business in the future. The supply chain management touch on manufacturing,
transportation and trucking warehouse management, and shipping and delivery.
The key is having a strong understanding of your skills and to know how to sell
yourself in any industry and that because there is a way and big chance with

chain management is really becoming more relevant, not less: compound supply
chains are the standard today and more oversight is needed than ever before to
find logistic solutions to get a product to its final destination professionally
and cost effectively. So, globalization and the internet store-front have
changed some of the most basic parts of the supply chain so they have to create
a need for innovative management more than ever before. While a lot of
traditional manufacturing and trade jobs are going away in America supply chain
managers and that because of the high demand.

chain management programs are everywhere and now and there are a number of
great SCM programs all over the nation. Moreover, stand or by itself or united
into MBA degrees, that are all focused on training us how to a do a specific
job after we graduate. Which allows college professors and advisors to explain and
teach students the most relevant and helpful information. Besides, many of
these programs have industry associates and recruiters who work with them to
aid students in networking and job search

supply chain management (SCM) embranchment too many ways and they are really
important in any businesses in these days. In fact, if you didn’t use these
steps in your future business you would have hard time making your business a
successful business. These are really important to any business and it also
it’s important to develop the business and make one of the best. These steps
are Sourcing raw materials and part manufacturing, Producing, Assembling the
products, Storing good in warehouses, Order entry and tracking, Distribution, Delivery
to a customer and End of life recycling    

am graduating next semester on spring 2018 with an Operation Management degree
and I really want to use the strategies in my future business. The future
business that I am thinking to start with is to build a warehousing in my century
Saudi Arabia and I chose this idea because I really had a wonderful semester
and I learned a lot about SCM. In addition, I chose this idea because the
supply chain process, warehousing is a very important part and many small
companies who import products for supplies to several organizations or
distributors they most of the time need a place to store these items and we
don’t have that much of warehousing my city back home.

time ago, I always wonder how the product gets to us like when I buy something
online and I really thought they just have in stock and they send to us when we
order something or buy something from the store but, the truth is not what I
thought. The products get pulled through the supply chain, in the pull-system
the demand comes from the customer. Let’s say, the customer buys weekly food or
coffee and therefore creates a demand. The products that bought by the customer
show up in the information system of the supermarket and an automatic order
appears at all the suppliers and manufacturers of the supermarket bought. So,
the supplier complements the supermarket store and the grocery store can fill
its shelves. Nevertheless, there are two ways when it’s come to manufacturing
products and they are called the pull and push system. Pull type means Make-to
order in which the production is based on actual demand. Inventory is kept to a
minimum and the less inventory the less space needed and that because costs a
lot of money. On the other hand, a pull type is recommended and that because push type is based on a
Make-To-Stock model. Manufacturing by demand forecast. This usually results in
an excess of products or simply not enough when the demand is there.

learned that the many finished products that they purchase are made up of components
from all over the world also many finished products that are pay for are handled
and collected in a multiplicity of locations all over the world. However, there
are many different steps and processes in the creation of a finished product.

is really useful model for all complies and its trends of a fast changing
global and technologically connected economy and when you create a good full
supply chain management you would improve your business within one year. 

 The more organized the supply the more organized
the company and they would improve their company business. For example in a fashions
company the whole process of getting the raw material, production, marketing etc.,
come under supply chain management .In order to make a supply chain management we
need to have necessary equipment and technology for that. We also need to position
separate the departments for every work and a system needs to set up about how
each work needs to be carried out. For instance, we have the fashions company
we need to first get the raw material, start producing, pack the product, dispatch,
and take orders and finally delivery them to the customers around the world.

first step that is actually most important in a clothing supply chain is the
design stage and that is where the details of cloths, outlines, edges and
finishes are well-known. The most popular of today’s clothing is based on
current trends and that means it is designed only last for a season than after
that they have to bring or come up with new ideas. This is called fast fashion
and it’s in charge for the huge amount of clothing ending up no one using them
or no one buy them so they just threw it away. Many people have become used to leaving
old styles for the next new fashion.

Material production: is important too and we can’t get start
it without the materials but in these days it’s really essay to have the
materials for the company and there are a lot of industry that would provide
the clothe martials. On the other hand, the clothing production stage involves
the cutting, make and finishing of a dress. Lately, most production has removed
to developing countries, especially to Asia and that because all companies are search
for cheap labor cost and Asia is the cheapest labor cost in the world. Distribution
and retail: as clothes are industrial, they need to be transported them around
the worlds to stores and consumers. Consumer phase: the customer phase of the
clothing supply chain includes of the consumer usage of the clothing, the
laundering of the clothing, and the end of product use.

supply chain strategy
is essential to any business that would want to be successful in the future and
want to build a nice growth.  According
to Tompkins Consortium they did a survey in 2014 delivered a shocking
revelation. “Of the business leaders participating in that survey, more than
50% considered supply chain to be a standalone business operating function”.(Rob
O’byrne.2014). The supply chain strategy is really important and many companies
before didn’t pay attention of it and now they just recognized it. The Supply
chain strategy creates value through five functions and they are really
important in any business in the world and that because it will lead the
business to a better financial condition and their profits will increase with

the supply chain
relationships: In every supply chain the suppliers are joined with each
other due to the interdependence of material requirement and meeting each
other’s demand. Also the processes of the firms can be reached by working
together and sharing the information between each other. Information on
capacity availability, pending orders, material report, etc. can be shared
through a common information system to help planning control.

relationships always help to drive partnership and make them trust and value
all the way through your supply chain. The most top level organizations
recognize the importance of developing and keeping world class supply chains
that give them competitive advantages from others in their market. For example
Apple Company they have the most class supply chain and it drives them to be
the leader in their market.

of the companies in the world are focusing on the supplier relationship
management and it’s really important for all companies. When you open a company
you have to set up the supply chain roles and make sure that you using them, in
this case you would a really successful company and especially when you follow
all the steps for SCM and SRM, etc.

supplier relationship management always handled correctly and focus on what is
critically important to your business need. There are several types of
relationships and they are transactional, contractual, value, collaborative,
and partnership. However, when I start my business in the future I am really
going to use all they approaches and it would drives my business success.
Vertical is the traditional relations between companies in the supply chain
like retailers, manufacturers, distributors and raw materials suppliers. The
vertical skills development is that they are training employees to handle
increased responsibilities. For instance, a factory manager might upgrade a
practiced machine worker to oversee an entire department. So, the worker moves
up through the chain of command, getting management skills.

is about the business arrangements and measures between companies that live in
“parallel” positions in the supply chain. In addition, horizontal includes
training an employee to handle multiple jobs of a similar type or level of
difficulty. Full Collaboration is the business arrangements between firms that
take both vertical and parallel positions in the supply chain. For example,
they take care of the shippers and carriers and trying to reduce the empty
truck movement.

five functions are: Operating
cost reduction over operative supply chain management is critical to the
success of the business strategy. Also the supply chain efficiency in long-standing
and new markets, risk plans and response time to react. Value creation through
increasing revenues. The SC has a very important role in increasing incomes Competitive advantage reached
through differentiated customer service and also it’s include customer value of
on time, spendable, delivery; quick reply, elasticity in performing schedule,
order changes, and impact the on customers purchasing decisions. The value
creation through long-term equity development is really important for the
supply chain and it have the ability to grow the company’s equity in the eyes
of the marketplace in the world.

keys that drivers the supply chain performance and they have inter-relationships
with the business strategy and functions of the company all of them are really
important and they provide a useful outline in which to think about supply
chain capabilities and they are really useful to use. Frist of all, production this driver
can be completed very open by building factories that have many additional
capacity and use flexible manufacturing methods to produce a lot of items.  If they want to be fast to respond, a company
may possibly do their manufacture in several smaller countries that are near to
the main groups of customers so, the delivery times can more be shorter, also
be obtained by focusing production in large central plants to get better
economies of scale.

using the supply chain management globe or map you can pretend choices about
production by the products and production rates and you will define in the
supply chain, also, the facilities you create to make those products. Second is
the inventory, Inventory
includes all the work in process, raw materials and finished goods within a
supply chain. In addition, there are three basic decisions to make about the
making and holding of inventory. Cycle Inventory: It is the amount of inventory
needed to satisfy demand for the product in the period of time between
purchases of the products. Safety Inventory: safety inventory is that have been
grasped as a buffer against doubt. Seasonal Inventory: This is inventory that
is built up in expectation of predictable increases in demand that happen at
certain times of the year.

is the location: would
be one place where a company creates many locations that are close to its
customer base. The location
is really important and it needs to be near to customers and that would help
the companies to sell their products and get to the marketplace as fast as they
can For example, a fast-food chain like McDonald’s uses location to be very
responsive to their customers by opening up many of stores in high volume
markets and also like Walmart they are opening stores around the United States
in every city and town. Efficiency can be achieved by working from only a few
locations and centering activities in common locations for the services.   

forth mode is transportation
requires moving inventory from point to other point in the supply chain
management. Responsiveness would be reached by a transportation method that is
fast and flexible like airplanes and trucks or trains. There are six methods
for the transport that the industry can choose. Ships which is really cost less money than any of
the transporting model and also the slowest mode of transport. In addition,
it’s limited to use between locations that are located next to passable
waterways. Rails
which is cost capable and it can be slow sometimes and it depends about the
location also, this method is limited to use between locations that have rail
lines. Pipelines
would be really effective and it’s classified to supplies the gases or liquid
such as water, oil and natural gas. Trucks are a quite fast and very flexible
method of transport. Trucks
can deliver anything almost anywhere in the city and the cost for this approach
is likely low. Airplanes
are a very fast method of transport and are very responsive too. This method is
really very expensive mode and it is a bit limited and that because of the
availability of fitting airport facilities.

fifth and the lost one is Information
serves as the connection between many steps of a supply chain, and it has the
power to driver produces stronger in every year as well the technology used for
gathering and sharing the information becomes more inclusive spread and more
easier to use and also less expensive for the industries and that help them a
lot to success their business. Information is likely money and it’s really
valuable and because of that it can be applied straight to improve the
performance of the other four supply chain drivers. Nevertheless, it’s used for
some purpose in a supply chain like Coordinating is activities that happened
delay to connect to the functioning of the other supply chain drivers:
transportation, inventory, and facility. The available information that is used
to make tactical forecasts to put all the information together for setting of
monthly, weekly production schedules, time table for the productions.
Information remains to drop but the cost of the other four methods continues to

will be some problems in the supply chain management where we have to deal with
very carefully and without other activities of the chain getting concerned. The
most effective way to solve a problem in the supply chain management is first
of all I have to identify the problem and after that analyze it. After we analyzed
the problem we have to make potential solutions and find solutions for parts of
the problem. However, we have to make the decision for the promlem and the last
thing is implement a solution and evaluate its success. For example a problem take
place in the packaging department and the packing comes to stop, we need to set
some alternative for time being and continue the process so the other activities
will not stop, if it stops will have a big problem in the companies.  

of ERP, VMI and e-collaboration: Applications of large united information
systems can be complex and that because due to the factors like value of data, and
also lack of expert, inter-departmental coordination fight from users to adopt
change, poor physical activity, difficulty of technical organization, heavy
reliance on system integrators and skilled advisors, lack of commitment from
top management, budget and schedule overrun and that because the scope move silently
and too much of customization of the packaging software.

chain can be streamlined by improving the supply chain data from end on. Processes
of demand estimation, MRP run and track, capacity planning, finding storage,
transport and documentation have to be strongly combined. OEMs typically normalize
the nomenclature, documents. The bar codes and RFID are technologies that
assist in streamlining the supply chain operations.