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The struggle with evil lies within every person. We fight it, each in our own way, both internally, and externally, but those who have the endurance to battle and defeat it come out stronger, As such, the belief that only bad people struggle with evil is incorrect. Not only do the best of men battle with it but even children are subject to this struggle. Even though evil can be defined as the absence of good, this is not its only definition. When somebody is truly evil they believe that their actions are correct, and that any opposing parties are wrong. Therefore they are good in their own eyes and they cant see how their actions can  possibly be perceived as incorrect, while anybody looking at them from the outside will not be able to see how they can possibly see them as correct. So how does one know if they are the good or the evil?Evil is subjective. So while one person believes that something is wrong another might see it as right, so to find out if there is a manifestation of evil in our own minds we must first pinpoint the type of evil people struggle with. It may be a psychological struggle, as is portrayed in lord of the flies, when “the lord of the flies,” reveals to Simon that the only evil to fear on the island was fear itself. And while the struggle in one person’s mind may be whether or not to kill somebody, not everybody is challenged with that level of evil. And while some people might have the inclination to shoplift, but think murder is truly evil, others may only have a tendency to lie but believe that stealing is the definition of evil. And the struggle may be a physical one, such as the one seen in lord of the flies, between ralph and Jack, about how they should be going about being rescued from the  island. Ralph sees the big picture and thinks that their primary focus should be keeping a signal fire going, so that they have a chance of rescue but Jack thinks that they should be concerned about smaller details like “killing pigs,” and having parties, and they are so concerned with small details that their imaginations lead them to believe that there is an evil creature that is out to kill them. Eventually this conflict leads to a divide in power and ultimately in the savage killing of the innocent boys who know the real truth about the evil on the island. The objectives of the two boys are also completely different. While Ralph’s primary concern is their rescue from the island, Jack’s after becoming leader completely loses focus and becomes fulfilling his desire to be the most powerful person on the island. To do this he subjects others to his rule and kills off anybody who opposes him. But it isn’t only jack who is evil. Inside every boy who joins jack there is an evil force that drives their lust for power and acceptance.      Inside every person is not only good or only evil, rather a combination of both. And while some people have a predisposition to do something good, it doesn’t mean that they are only thinking good things all the time. But even somebody who is inclined to do evil things can still fight the urge to to do so. Just like everybody who wants to cheat or steal doesn’t always do it, even though they might really want to. This struggle can also be seen through the way it was portrayed in the wave.