The hammers to the wall and wave banners to


The Berlin Wall

For any of
us, who have a bit of knowledge of the Berlin wall, the imagery is that of a
wall of concrete and people standing on it or making their way through while camera’s
flashes are all over the wall. For the rest of the world the imagery is
symbolic and really all anyone outside of Germany needs to know. Because things
that happened under the cold war were too bad for not mentioning it today.

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Construction of the Wall

All references generally start from when the Nazis
were in the leadership of bigger part of Europe. When Russian troops entered
Germany, they managed to hold power over Berlin for a quiet of period until they
had to split it up with their allies. France, the U.S. and Britain that would
take West Germany meanwhile Soviet Russia would take the East Germany.

Eventually Berlin’s destiny was secured, the
tensions between power of the soviet influenced GDR party for East Berlin,
which cause East Berliners to leave East Berlin to manage to escape from the
poor part of the town, to the richer part which was the West part, enough to
create a weak workforce and threaten the economy. With the help of the Soviet
Union, in August of 1961 a makeshift wall was constructed, sealing off more
than 77 entry points under the watch of an aggressive military

Bringing Down the Wall

Those years of separation
were constantly eating away and the East German government from a one
directional propaganda war against it that would eventually weaken the economy
and the government would have to concede to the West. In November of 1989,
citizens began to take hammers to the wall and wave banners to symbolize the
fall of the oppressive government and its wall. It was widely televised and
paralleled previous statements from President Reagan who demanded that
Gorbachev has to tear down the wall as fast as possible.










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