The County for Wales (2007). The Bosherston lakes sit

The Bosherston Lakes are a man-made
lake system comprised of four lakes (Figure 1); Eastern Arm, Central Arm,
Central Lake and Western arm (Husband, Cassidy and Stimpson,
2009; Giddings, 2011). Stackpole Stream and Cheriton Stream
feed the lake system (Husband, Cassidy and Stimpson,
2009; Giddings, 2011). It is now known that the Western arm
and Central Lake are fed by a groundwater spring system (Giddings, 2011).

















lakes fall under particular interest due to their geographical position, the
surrounding geology and biological rarity (Pembrokeshire
Coast National Park, 2011; Countryside
County for Wales (2007).
The Bosherston lakes sit above a Limestone bedrock, in where 96% of water is
estimated to be lost to (Giddings, 2011). Home to unique flora and fauna
including Chara spp., salinity levels
within the lake system are of much interest (Holman et al., 2009; Haycock & Hinton, 2010).
Conductivity is often recorded when looking at salinity levels (Williams and Sherwood, 1994; Kim et al., 2013). Bosherston lakes are most likely to
succumb to climatic changes that are predicted for the future (Holman et al.,
2009). Salinity levels are thought to increase by two scenarios; sea level rise
and increased global temperatures thus resulting in lower lake levels (Holman
et al., 2009). An increase in global sea levels (Church et al., 2013) has not
yet reached a point where water from the sea, continually passes the Broadhaven
Dam (Holman et al., 2009). Therefore it can be hypothesized that any increases
in salinity levels within Bosherston Lakes at present, can be linked with water
level. This leads to the following hypotheses;  

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Water levels are seen to effect salinity levels within four Bosherton Lakes.

Conductivity levels, thus salinity levels do not decrease when increased levels
of water can be seen in four Bosherton Lakes.

order to discourage the null hypothesis it is hopeful that a result will show
findings to have a significant difference,


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