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The world today is significantly different from the world we had less than two decades ago. Things once deemed unacceptable and taboo are now free and open to discussion. Things once considered okay are now considered evil and aggressive. This has all happened due to the influences of technology. Social media in particular has opened the doors for things like sexual orientation and gender identity to become public topics that people can be free to share and talk about, whereas things like religion have noticed a rapid decrease in discussion, and have been deemed unacceptable in many areas of social interaction due to being justification of bigotry for many. Technology is a big topic. Anything from a blanket to a smartphone falls into the broad definition of technology, being anything man-made, usually intended to make life easier. The technology we most associate with would be closer to the latter. Though there are many negatives to this, there are also plenty of positives. Technology has become so widespread that everyone has it. When the first IPhone released, you were considered the luckiest person alive to have owned one. Now, you would be considered unlucky to NOT own a smartphone. With that comes nearly infinite access to nearly infinite amounts of information, without needing to leave the house. Social media has allowed people to bring up situations and news that truly matter, and have the topic catch on almost instantly. Recent events have shown crimes celebrities once threw under the rug, sometimes as far back as years ago, come to light through the power of social media. The ability to have a machine do a job for free instead of paying an employee has allowed plenty of products once considered a luxury to be available to the common person. Computers in schools have greatly increased the quality of education worldwide. And illnesses and diseases have found cures and vaccines all due to the power of technology. The world experiences rapid changes every year, though the big leap to the technology-influenced world we have today would probably be the invention of the PC; a personal computer that you can own and use at will, in your own house. Without that, I couldn’t be typing this right now. Computers have spawned smartphones, printers, photocopiers, digital photography, and countless other products that are everywhere in the current era.