The by Barack Obama in 2015 which presented the

The National Security
Strategy (NSS) presents the President’s vision relating to the matters of
national security and achieving an international order by developing political,
economic and security strategies. The document highlights the security priorities
that affect the USA and the ways to realize them. The Presidents of the United
States have released the NSS and the most recent one was released by President
Donald Trump in December 2017. The earlier NSS was presented by Barack Obama in
2015 which presented the security concerns and strategies of that time.

Both the documents have
some similarities while we can also find big differences. The two Presidents
promise to destroy weapons of mass destruction, promote American prosperity,
bring on a peaceful environment globally, fight terrorism and advance the
influence of USA through the rest of the world. Obama’s NSS presents a
collaborative approach of working together to achieve the needs while Trump
adopts the approach of “America first” in his vision. We will try to analyze the
two documents and bring out the differences while touching on the similarities
that exist.

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Fighting terrorism has
always been a priority on the agenda of USA. Obama in his NSS acknowledges the
presence of terrorism that has developed in areas of instability and weak
governments. The threats are not limited to any geographical location, though
it spans everywhere including Middle East, African and South Asia. The NSS also
stated that America was working with its allies to bring an end to global
terrorism. President Trump takes the same approach and vows to destroy any
terrorist group and their support network by taking direct action against them.
Though both the presidents vow to fight terrorism, Obama was more generalized
in his definition of terrorism not limiting it to any particular religion. Obama’s
NSS did not encourage any link between terrorism and Islam. Also, it states
that America and its allies are not at war with Islam. Obama did not even once
use the term Islam to relate to terrorism. In comparison Trump clearly links
Islam with terrorism by mentioning radical Islamist terror groups to describe
the subject. He also uses the term Islam or its derivative many times
throughout the document explaining his opinions. Another word that Obama
refrained from using and Trump included is “jihadists.” Obama never mentioned
the word and used references such as “violent extremist” to talk about the

The national strategies
of two presidents also show a change which has been brought about by the
political interventions of the U.S.  In Obama’s
NSS, the major threats recognized by him consist mostly of the terrorist groups
who are diffused groups of former militant networks like ISIL and Al-Qaeda. He
also talks about the nuclear deal with Iran which was developed to restrict the
nuclear weapon initiatives. The deal allowed the ease of some of the economic
restrictions of Iran which hampered its development in exchange for curbing its
nuclear power. Obama thought that the deal was successful in achieving its
goal. Trump also identifies the terrorist groups as threat but also recognizes
two regional powers as threat to USA in his NSS. President Trump believes that
the nuclear deal with Iran was not in America’s best interest and Iran has not
been able to abide by the restrictions. He identifies Iran as a dictatorship
and as an important security threat to America. Trump also puts North Korea in
the list of threats calling it a “rogue regime” to stress the seriousness of
the matter. Both Iran and North Korea were not in the NSS of Obama.

A big difference between
the NSS of 2015 and NSS of 2017 is the policy on immigrants and border
security. Trump takes great effort to highlight the ills of illegal immigration
and how it hurts American workers and their interest. He promises to fight
illegal immigration by building a wall, increased vetting, creating multi-level
defense at borders and enhancing control on illegal movement, which might a be
a good move that has been implemented by other countries. Obama did not
identify illegal immigration as a national threat and made no mention of
immigration policy or border control.