The business. Apsara who is the company’s cloud computing

The company is
a supplier of public cloud services which offers a lot of services to
third-party customers, and also that company operates business in mobile media
and entertainment through over three distribution platforms that includes UC
web mobile media, game publishing and multi-screen entertainment and production
companies, in addition it take part in the logistics through investments in Cainioo
network and Koubei. The company let the online payment processing available
through an arrangement with

YunOs supply
the connection between cloud-based applications and hardware devices. Auto Navi
set gigital map navigation in China. Ding talk is an enterprise application
that supplies collaboration and communication. Users in a built- in enterprise
can let their group that in security. Alibaba make solutions to the healthcare
industry. Alipay wallet also facilates payment especially in mobile commerce.
The company is engaged in the online-to- offline and local services  business.

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Apsara who is
the company’s cloud computing platform is a general purpose distributed
computing platform built with technology that enables services clusters to
perform with computing power, and it offers a suite of cloud services. The
technology underlying AliCDN guarantee delivery network and accelerate the
loading of product. The data science technology serves a lot of types of dada
and the data mining are used in different applications. Ocean base supports
transactions processing on its market places. It’s standard product unit
database is built on the amount of items listed on Taobao marketplace and

statement of Alibaba:

We aim to be pioneers in the revolution of global trade. We
envision that our unique team will build the future infrastructure of commerce,
which will serve our clients in parts of three different centuries.

statement of Alibaba:

We operate
leading online and mobile marketplaces in retail and wholesale trade. We
provide technology, logistics, payment platforms and fulfillment to enable
consumers and merchants to conduct commerce in the most convenient and reliable
way possible.

analysis of Alibaba:


Alibaba is one of the leading economics and to have a strong hold
such a market and be a market leader is no mean fat.

Backing of solid manufacturers who are capable of manufacturing at
mass levels and supplying across the world.

Good relationship with partners provides a very conducive
environment to all those who participate in scripting its success.


Not being able to allow sellers to sell at fair and profitable

A huge number of sellers competing in the online market place.


The E-commerce portals garners the amount of trust which Alibaba

Its aggregator based model helps it reduce costs and keep it
operations leans.

It has a sound base in the Chinese market and an in-depth
understanding of the e-commerce business.


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