The air, pristine water, fertile soil and abundant resources.

The continuation of Cooper’s exploration for our new world began. After fulfilling the promise with her daughter, he’d now determined to save the new age of humanity. The journey is beyond arduous, yet he exerted the force of passion & courage. The partners hijacked the systems of AirSpace and the space craft, since the authorities limited the exploration of the universe to people. There are chosen professionals to control and fly the equipment of AirSpace. Cooper’s determined personality led them to hack the systems and to continue his mission. Throughout their journey, they experienced lows and highs events and they met a lot of beings that guided or demolished their path towards success. With the companion of CASE, he proved and solved different theories and mysteries around the outer space. Together with his discoveries, he also finds his genuine purpose in the midst of darkness.         While on the other side of space, Brand woke up from a 121 years of tedious sleep. She vanishes her loneliness through studying and analyzing the aspects of the new habitable planet. In her voyage towards the planet, she already realized the similarities of the planet to Earth. An environment suitable for life, equipped with breathable air, pristine water, fertile soil and abundant resources. She knew that Edmunds’ data is worth risking for, because she used love and trust to conquer all the negativity around her. Based on Dr. Wolf Edmunds’ investigation, the first man to land there, the planet show ups to be a prodigious barren desert, however, its atmosphere is breathable and the soil may be plentiful for agriculture. Dr. Brand found the data in Edmund’s station, but she found an anxious truth. The truth that might destroy or flourish herself and her entire mission.        Whilst Brand’s disquisition towards the new world, Cooper continue to find Brand’s whereabouts. The outer space is an infinite location of darkness, yet within it is full of wonderful elements, unlimited possibilities, and unending force of mysteries. One of those possibilities is his accidental visit to our former home. The visit made him realized that Earth’s vile conditions is not qualified for the existence of humanity. He reminisced all the memories, feelings and relationships he gained on this precious world. Furthermore, he realized that all that the negativity and toxicity of human beings really destroyed not only our planet, but also their dignity and stewardship. There’ are reasons why he was destined to return to Earth, to unveil the selfish truth and to unlock the location of Brand.To unlock the gateway for humanity’s new planet, Cooper needs to understand the connections of his struggles, successes, memories, and feelings. He needs to find ways on how these things will generate the real meanings and functions of humanity, destruction, and heavenly bodies in the midst of full darkness. He would found out that this darkness contains codes or patterns that will solve the mysteries of the universe. It will also give a majestic clues towards humanity’s new home. Later on, the new civilization will practice the great effects of unity, devotion, compassion, faith, integrity, and hope.