The 60% of the rivers and 30% of the


The purpose of this essay is to show the effects of polluted
water, what are Genetically Modified Foods and non-renewable energy resources.
Even why the topics we will discuss has several advantages, on the other hand
it also has some drawbacks. In this essay we will describe some of this
drawbacks and our intention is to explain their effects in our everyday life.

To start with, water covers almost 75% of the earth’s
surface. Only 2.5-2.75% can be used to drink. The rest is used for different
purposes such as cleaning, personal hygiene, irrigation etc. But on the
contrary nowadays we have problems because the rivers and seas are polluted much
more than the standards. In a survey made in Albania, from the AKM, it resulted
that almost over 60% of the rivers and 30% of the seas were polluted by toxic
wastes, rubbish, fossil fuels, wrapping materials and solid waste. But this
pollution affect directly our health. People who use polluted water have skin
problems for example itching, dry skin etc. The World Health Organization has
raised the alarm that by this rate in the next decade, the water pollution will
reach 20 percentage points more than the normal.

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What is a genetically modified food?. A GMF is a result of a
recombinant DNA biotechnological procedure that allows the genetic make up of
an organism to be modified. Examples of these products that have been
engineered include delayed-ripening tomatoes, pest-resistant crops etc. Genetic
modification can be used to exist food manufacturers and to improve on the
storage capacity or nutritional values of foods. The first commercial food
product developed from gene splicing was the FLAVR SAVR Tomato. This tomato had
a gene added to prevent the breakdown of cell walls as the fruit ripened. The
genetic modification allowed these tomatoes to remain firm even after extended
shipping and storage times. Industry has argued that we need GMFs because they
will reduce production costs. The nutrition implications are also often cited
as an obvious benefit for consumers, since the bioengineering could create
plants that could produce more nutritious food. The potential  for GM foods to cause allergic reactions is the
most obvious health concern associated with these products. Specific proteins
in milk, eggs, wheat etc cause over 90% of food allergies. If a protein from
one of these food types were used to be incorporated into a food that normally
would not have this protein, people who are allergic to this protein would
unknowingly consume such a food and suffer from allergic reaction. The Food and
Drug Administration in U.S.A has taken measures to prevent such a scenario by
requiring a label to be put on the product to alert consumers.

What are non-renewable energy resources? These include
fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear energy. It is known that the
use of fossil fuels has a large impact on the environment. Burning fossil fuels
emits a huge number of air pollutants that are harmful to both the environment
and our health. The burning of these resources is the main contributor to the
rapidly rising level of carbon dioxide that is driving climate change. For
example, air pollution kills around 7 million people per year. Nuclear power is
the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat. It
is already a fact that nuclear waste has been dangerous for  thousands of years. Furthermore, radioactive
waste warms the aquatic life and kills the species. In addition, nuclear energy
is used to produce dangerous weapons of mass destruction.


In conclusion, this essay has shown the effects of water
pollution, what are genetically modified foods and the negative part of using
non-renewable energy. The purpose of this essay it that by explaining these
topics in another view to raise people people’s awareness about the risks that
threaten our life. I strongly belief that we people must take actions now
regarding to the above mentioned problems now before it is too late.