Teaching writing to junior high school students is absolutely a challenging job for English teacher in Indonesia

Teaching writing to junior high school students is absolutely a challenging job for English teacher in Indonesia, it also happened in a junior high school in Jombang. The researchers found that both teacher and students got problem in writing process because of the students’ low ability in writing and monotonous writing teaching technique used by the teacher. This research used a Classroom Action Research design to solve the problem by using Make a match teaching technique. Make a match is considered to be one of cooperative learning method which has some benefits in teaching learning process. The result of data analysis indicates that Make a match bring benefits to improve students’ writing and class participation.
Writing is productive skill which starts from the process until get the result of writing. In writing for study the teacher asks the students to do the process of writing as well in order to get the best product of writing. In other way writing is arranging words to be good sentences based on the rules. Making good sentences based on the rules is the basic term to study writing. When the students are able to make good sentences, it will be easy for teacher to teach the process of writing. Process of writing consists of several steps, they are finding a topic, outlining, drafting, revising and editing, writing final product (Fachrurrazy, 2012). Moreover, Harmer (2008) states that writing is helpful to make a distinction between writing-for-learning and writing-for- writing. In this case of the former, writing is used as an aide-mémoire or practice tool to help students practice and work with language they have been studying.
Writing is one of the important parts in teaching learning proccess. It is important for students to be able to make good writing in teaching learning proccess. In fact, many students are dificult to make good writing. The reseacher join in VII F of SMPN I Megaluh to know writing ability in that class, the result is many students are not interested in writing. Besides, the reseacher did interview with the teacher and gave questionnaire to the students. The teacher said that the students have low ability in writing. The result of the quesionaire showed that writing is important to students but the students are dificult to write. It is caused by the method of teaching learning proccess is not interesting.
The reseacher found writing problem in VII F class. So the reseacher wanted to give new strategy in teaching learning proccess especially in writing. Make a match is one of cooperative learning, it is done in group. Cooperative learning is group study. It means that the students study in a group. The students disscuss and solve the problem with their friends. Cooperative learning emphasize in grouping, how the students work in a group which consists of two or more students. In cooperative learning the students in group have different caracteristic and different ability. There are five elements of cooperative learning (Johnson, 1994) they are; the students need each other, responsible, personality interaction, disscussing ability, and grouping proccess.
Cooperative learning is developed to reach at least three purposes (Ibrahim, 2000). The first purpose is students’ achievement. It means that by using cooperative learning the students’ achievement should increase. The second purpose is receiving the differences between heir friends. it means that the students should receive their friends in a group, because the group is homogeneous. The third purposes is developing social skill. It means that the students should be able to do team work and colaboration.
By implementing interesting strategy the students will be motivated (Zaini, 2008). Make a match can be used for all subject and all lerners’ level. Curran (1994) said that one of Make a match profits is the students look for their partner while learning a topic in interesting situation. Make a match can create interesting situation because, the students will not only sitting and listening the teacher, but they can do physical event and move around the class to look for their partner.
The role of make a match is the teacher prepares a number of paired cards. Each pair contains the same problem. Every students is given a card, and asked to find the partner. By using cooperative learning, it can make the students get new situation in teaching learning proccess. It can motivate the students to make good writing.
Make a match can motivate students to study. By using make a match students can be active in teaching learning proccess, because the students are not only silent and listen the teacher gives explanation but also the students can do physical activity to find the partner. The students can go around the class to find the partner. After finding the partner, the students should solve the problem that the students got from the teacher by doing discussion. Pratiwiningsih (2013) in her research explained that Make a match has some benefits, they are; it can increase student’s learning activity for their cognitive and physic, it can increase students comprehension about the material, it can increase students motivation in learning, it can increase students score, and it can create fun learning because it is like a game. Based on the benefits above the reseacher conduct the research to teach writing procedure text, because Make a match is good way to teach the students who are not interested in teaching learning process especially in writing procedure.
The researcher chose Make a match as the strategy in teaching writing procedure because it can create joyfull learning (Pratiwiningsih, 2013). There are some previous studies related to the study, that is done by Chotimah (2013) In her research showed that the students who were taught by using make a match got higher score than the students who were not taught by using make a match students. The second previous study that is done by Sitepu (2014) showed that make a match effective to improve writing procedure text in eleventh grade of SMAN 1 Lau Baleng. In the research consist of two cycles, in the first cycle consist of three meetings and the second cycle consist of two meetings.
This research aimed at describing the improvement of VII F students’ writing procedure text of SMPN 1 Megaluh through make a match teaching technique.