Task Sciences under the University of Melbourne, is a

Task 2: Analytical Review

Stage 1: Bibliographic details and initial appraisal

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Bibliographic citation:         Boese, M., & Phillips, M. (2011). Multiculturalism and Social Inclusion in Australia, Journal of Intercultural Studies. 32 (2), 189-197. APA




Initial appraisal


Author:                      Martina Boese, ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Social and Political Sciences under the University of Melbourne, is a researcher investigating on migrant and refugee mobilities and employment, Australian migration and settlement policies; racism and exclusion. On the other hand, Melissa Phillips, who also has had a relevant and strong background on the settlement of migrants and refugees, has worked on many research projects studying on pre-arrival experiences regarding settlement issues of refugees and migrants. Published a variety of articles that pertinent to migration policies, Boese and Phillips does possess a firm background and experience in political analysis specializing on migration issues, which is a key highlight to their profession in policy framework and critical analysis of this journal article. Therefore, authors have a sound stance in academic research and writing, as well as some essential knowledge and understanding of the field of multiculturalism and social inclusion in Australia.     


Date:                           Has been published since 2011, the resource of this article has been regarded as up-to-date which will be virtuous to study social inclusion issues in Australia under a large stream of inflowing multiculturalism. The content, nevertheless, might have been updated, modified or nullified from the year of publication.


Publication:               Multiculturalism and Social Inclusion in Australia has been published by Routledge, the largest global academic publisher. Routledge has given the supply of reliable, trustworthy and analytical information both online and non-online resources and has built its popularity since 1836 in the field of humanities and social sciences. Prior to the publication, this article has been likely regarded as a quality academic journal by the practice of comprehensive research principles. This proves the competency of the authors and reliability of information that can make readers to feel confident.


General:                    This journal delivers multiculturalism and social inclusion in Australia in terms of several key aspects namely employment, community and belonging, active citizenship and promoting social inclusion for refugee and migrant groups. This article distributed how Australian social inclusion and multicultural policy has performed. Policy execution in terms of multiculturalism and social inclusion, moreover, has been critically reviewed and highlighted the importance of equity and social justice given to refugees and migrants. Therefore, this is a significant contribution to our understanding of how social inclusion policies or agendas in Australia have functioned and how problems will be addressed with recommendations.