SWR time updates as well as space availability on

SWR will have a strong relationship with Citymapper
through the different steps of the open innovation process. Beginning of the
process Citymapper must know the volume of people on board a SWR this will be
done by the sensors on the trains measuring the volume, this will allow them to
know the amount of people they are providing this service for. This information
will allow them to see what strategy to come up with as the end of the process be
able to offer the newest feature on the application that informs users with the
number of people on each carriage, so they can choose what carriage to board;
ultimately giving them a competitive advantage.



Citymapper is not outsourcing and so it requires constant
interactions between companies and investors, resulting in huge partnering
capabilities on both sides. SWR will have onetime trains allowing Citymapper to
work to its full optional by providing real time updates as well as space
availability on the trains.

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property protection and opportunity costs will be an advantage of open
innovation for both Citymapper and SWR as they will be covered by copyright and
trademark. Loss of knowledge or
involuntary knowledge spill over is also common, since leaking critical
internal resources and disclosure of core competencies to cooperation partners
may alter the aim and ethic of the open innovation process.


Therefore, SWR will ensure
keep unnecessary information a secret, the same will be done with Citymapper. Open innovation also allows risk sharing, so
if one party was to fail then the innovation would also.


Manufacturing, research & development and marketing
are how the innovation can occur. The balance between these three can allow us
to describe the process of innovation SWR and Citymapper will go through. This
model is a logical, continuous sequential process, which can be divided into a
series of distinct phases, but interact and have interdependent step.

Sales will be generated by the application Citymapper,
being downloaded and talked about in social media, especially in remarks to the
new features. Once this out on the new market place, a feedback loop for
customers are available to communicate their needs and wants, allowing either
SWR or Citymapper for research and development to produce a new idea with a new
technology in order to meet the state of the art in technology and production
in the new market.

Lean innovation works best in practice, as each iteration
leads to customers insights, if out idea was to pivot, then we would find a
more viable market or product/service. likewise, if the idea was to persevere
then we would further redefine the business model. Lean innovation focus on
what customers actually want.

In order for SWR and Citymapper to succeed as a joint
venture we will continue to improve the innovative ideas, the approach brings
lean rigour to innovation as we cycle much faster and build on essential
features the customers want. Through continuous customer feedback through the
App Store and other forms of online markets, Citymapper Application and SWR customer
services, we will evolve a solution that delivers sustainable value, allowing
our business model to grow. A disadvantage of lean innovation is that the idea
will be corporate chosen idea, which limits innovative potential, and is also
limited to a large amount of investment and time.