Studying businesses and compare the two to determine whose

Studying GCSE Business Studies evoked an interest in owning my own business sometime in the future. During my 2 years of studying this subject, it was intriguing how business affects our daily life and how it constantly develops.  I have chosen business because of its versatility, which will allow me access to a variant career choices. I understand that not only studying business is required but rather inspiration, imagination, and diligent work what is expected to succeed.I studied BTEC applied science and I really enjoyed unit 3 because I loved the practical aspect of the unit. I gained many skills from this specific unit including team work and precision. We had to work in teams for the experiment to get accurate results. This skill is transferrable to business because in a business, members need to work in a team to be able to complete the work efficiently and quickly and this unit helped improve my team working skills.I also enjoyed unit 7 because of the research facet of the unit. This unit refined my researching skills by setting interpretative tasks such as analysing articles and doing more research on a specific topic to come up with a report. This skill is transferrable because in a business, a lot of research is required so the business can understand the needs of the customers and, so you can follow the market trend.   During the two years I studied business, it gave me a new perspective about business and it also gave me basic knowledge which has helped me understand the world around me better. GCSE Business studies improved with my writing skills as I was required to write a report on two different businesses and compare the two to determine whose marketing strategy was better and . It definitely improved my researching skills and my writing skills.My work experience at a pharmacy really helped me gain some valuable skills and knowledge that I think would be relevant to business; stock managing, dealing with customers, organisation, working in a busy team. One of the characteristics that I developed was my interpersonal skills. I was able to communicate with customers confidently as I was at the front desk majority of the time during my work experience. Another characteristic that I developed during the week in the pharmacy was my organisation skills. I was responsible for handling all the stocks that came in and I had to make sure they were in their place so it would be easier for the customers to find. Another characteristics that I developed during my work experience is being able to work in a team. The pharmacy  I volunteered to become a prefect in year 10 as I enjoy being a leader and it also helped me maintain discipline. I, also, enjoy learning new things, which is why I learned how to play a trumpet and a clarinet. ReadingOverall, after a lot of research, I believe that Business is the course that I will prosper in and immensely enjoy.